Soyang Europe responds to 'boom in demand' for textile with new products

Soyang production buildingSoyang Europe has increased its wide and grand format textile offering by adding new lines to its product ranges. This comes as printers, designers and marketers 'embrace the commercial, practical and logistical benefits of printed textile over more traditional display media'.

Suitable for printing on almost any dye sub, UV or latex printer, the company’s fabrics are 'renowned for offering high quality solutions' for the indoor and outdoor display sectors in retail, exhibition and soft signage.

Soyang Europe’s managing director, Mark Mashiter explains the current boom in textile: “Creating a large exhibition stand, or a huge retail display from 'traditional' printable materials, PVC banner, rigid board or vinyl, for example, will deliver a very good result but with considerably higher transportation costs than textile. Traditional materials can also be heavy and awkward to handle and however well they're packed, the risk of costly damage is high. A textile graphic on the other hand will fold up into a mailing bag and can be easily installed by one or two people with only minimal training.”

Soyang Europe is the exclusive UK distributor for Endutex, which offers a range of European-manufactured front and backlit graphics; mesh; seamless wallcoverings; and flags and canvases, such as PVC and acrylic coated polyester products, typically printable with UV ink.

The Aurich Textilien range from Germany includes knitted and woven dye sub fabrics, backlit, decorative display, mesh and flag. Impact Prime is one of the 'best sellers'; a backlit, which prints 'beautifully' using the direct dye sublimation process, without any pin-holing – a key requirement for any high quality light box installation.

But the biggest news from the company is the 'substantial growth' in its own So-Tex range. Tim Egerton, Soyang’s Sales Manager for Textile Products said: “Our closeness to the end user and a real understanding of customer needs and expectations, enables us to bring ideas and product development to the table. Soyang Technologies in China has recently invested heavily in new premises, providing over 66,000sq metres of usable production and storage space, packed with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, as they focus on delivering a wider choice of European-quality textile media at affordable prices.

Soyang Lightbox

“Retail chains that aren’t embracing textile run the risk of customers finding the shopping experience in their stores a lot less appealing. In addition to these creative benefits and all the logistical advantages, the ease and regularity with which the message can be changed is likely to create additional revenue opportunities.”

Soyang Europe is also seeing a significant shift towards the use of textile in the exterior signage sector too. “The technical benefits of using textile are a big factor when it comes to building wraps, soft signage and event branding,” says Egerton.

“Minimal rigging and anchorage, coupled with a reduction in wind loading by the use of perforated textiles, whilst still ensuring stability and safety of the installation, has major cost and time benefits.”

Soyang Europe’s textile ranges are available on next day delivery from the 1.3 million square metres of material that the company holds in stock at its recently opened distribution centre in Lancashire.


MeFace cuts revolutionary groove into signage industry, with ‘indestructible’ Anodised Aluminium Printing

As the perfect alternative to engraving, the company's anodised aluminium printing allows photo-quality images to be placed inside a metal surface and sealed with an extra-durable protective layer. Resistant to weather, fire and vandalism - the process is stamped by critics to be the most revolutionary signage and nameplate development to date.

Using the unique process of anodised aluminium printing, the company is able to transfer high-definition imagery directly onto a surface that is almost indestructible and resistant to weather, temperatures, fire and vandalism.

Meface printing on cards

"Anodised Aluminium has a protective aluminium oxide layer added using electrolysis. This process forms a hard anodised layer of Aluminium which offers superior heat, chemical and abrasion resistance. The anodised layer will accept pigments, integrating the graphics into the surface creating a superior nameplate or sign," says Victoria Titova, the company's Creative Director.

Continuing: "Photo quality images and graphics can then be printed into the unsealed oxide layer using colour dyes via special anodised aluminium printer. The printing pores are then closed in a fixation process, protecting the dyes from outside influences."

Aside from its immediate benefits, the final product is also fully-protected from mechanical abrasion (scratches), solvents and even graffiti - with foreign colour easily wiped off using any store-bought paint thinner.

Free samples available to all prospective customers, interested parties are urged to make contact with MeFace as soon as possible.

For more information please call 0203 290 9799 or visit the website


New additions to ADS materials range

ADS vinyl with smoke effect printed on ADS onward display Union Jack printed

Amari Digital Supplies has recently added new wall covering products to their expanding materials range. Manufactured by leading UK supplier of high-quality print media and specialist coating company, SIHL, aimed at the expanding interiors market.

They include Wallpaper Sol Persomural in a choice of two standard non-scratch papers with the option of a pre-pasted version for easier application and PolySOL PET, a self-adhesive tear-resistant fabric that can be repositioned and removed without leaving any residue.

ADS are also supplying new products in the Poli-Print range of digital media from the German manufacturer Poli-Tape. These include white vinyl with a clear or grey opaque adhesive and clear vinyl with either a gloss or matte finish that can also be used for lamination purposes. The Poli-Etch Silver Frost vinyl with the option of an air-release adhesive for easier application is also available.

ADS is also a leading UK distributor of vinyl materials from MACtac that provide a wide choice of options from the MACmark sign making and IMAGin print and finishing media ranges, selective products from the MACscreen range and specialist laminates and mounting films from the PermaColor range.

The company is also able to supply vinyl films that are designed specifically for exterior wall and floor graphics applications and similarly testing and/or difficult installations. Within the extensive ADS portfolio are solutions for aqueous, solvent, eco-solvent, UVC and Latex printing technologies coupled with the increasing demand for more sustainable media.

For further information, visit or telephone 0115 982 9770.


Third generation mild solvent ink set from Mutoh

Mutoh's MS Ultra Ink bottles and cartridgesWide format inkjet printer manufacturer Mutoh Belgium nv announces immediate availability of a new set of CMYK mild solvent inks, called MS Ultra, for its Blizzard, Spitfire 65/90 Extreme and Spitfire 100 Extreme printers. This third generation Mutoh mild solvent ink will increase productivity through more efficient printing.

"Our new MS Ultra inks have been tuned specifically to our Spitfire Extreme and Blizzard printer families, offering the highest level of image quality and printer reliability," comments Arthur Vanhoutte, President of Mutoh's European Operations.

"They offer excellent stability and ensure uninterrupted printing for extended periods. Compared to our existing Mild Solvent and Mild Solvent Plus inks, the new MS Ultra inks will provide printer users an even wider media compatibility and a higher performance in number of square metres printed per hour. They also have a longer shelf life (18 months), require less maintenance (once a week) and last but not least, do not require daily printing, as typically is the case when using mild solvent inks. The new inks are available for both new printers and for installed-base printer users," Vanhoutte concludes.

The new MS Ultra cyclohexanone and NMP free inks are offered in safe and easy to use 440 ml ink cassettes and bulk ink bottles of one litre. For typical sign images (720 x 720 dpi) with an ink coverage of 67 %, ink cost amounts to 0.92 €/m². The inks are suited for indoor and outdoor commercial print applications. Outdoor UV durability is rated up to three years, without lamination. For heavy-duty applications involving mechanical stress, lamination is recommended.

Using a unique ink chemistry controlling the drop size on the media, the Mutoh MS Ultra ink offers a wide media compatibility across the broadest range of self adhesives as well as other flexible substrates. MS Ultra will give photorealistic prints as the printed dots will have perfect dot quality, even at the highest carriage speeds. The inks offer an excellent colour gamut and gloss preservation. Typical high quality banding-free production speeds of up to 16.5 sqm/h (Spitfire Extreme 65); 36 sqm/h (Blizzard 65) and 42 sqm/h (Spitfire 100 Extreme) can be obtained.

The new MS Ultra inks will be marketed all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa through Mutoh's network of authorized resellers.

The MS Ultra one litre ink bottles can be used in combination with Mutoh's bulk ink system (BIS) developed for speed-intensive, volume oriented users requiring a high-volume ink delivery and refill system. The bulk ink system offers unattended printing options along with minimum user intervention.

Each bottle can provide 1.2 litres of ink to the bulk feed cassette before requiring a refill. Each bulk feed cassette incorporates a floater level adjustment to accurately set the proper ink fluid pressure to the print head.

Mutoh's ink refill system can be easily mounted on top of the printer. No extra footprint is required. As such, the system will save space and will not disturb the operator during the print jobs.

For further information visit


Colourgen offers money-back guarantee on new laminates

Graffiti printed on Elite Essentials Cold Pressure Sensitive Laminate Crystal (100mic)Colourgen is putting a spring in the step of the wide format printing market by offering a money-back guarantee on its new Elite Essentials range of laminates. As the latest addition to the company's Elite Essentials range, the new laminates are being marketed under the 'Love Film' banner. This name reinforces Colourgen's confidence in the products because, quite simply, if customers don't love it, they can return the roll and get a refund.

Elite Essentials laminates are cold, pressure sensitive 100mic films with the choice of either a crystal, gloss or matte finish. They are available in 880mm to 1520mm widths and 50m or 100m lengths and cost as little as 95p per square metre for a single roll.

Melanie Enser, Product Marketing Manager for Colourgen, comments, "We love our new Elite Essentials film laminates, and we are certain our customers will too. For the price, they deliver a really high quality finish, enhancing and protecting a massively broad range of applications. We have been delighted with the continuing popularity of our Elite Essentials range, which time and again delivers surprisingly high quality media at unbeatable prices."

Elite Essentials laminates are available immediately from Colourgen. For a free sample swatch book or further information, please visit or call 01628 588733.


Eco-friendly graphics from William Smith

RollsRoller Flatbed ApplicatorLeading supplier of integrated sign and graphics solutions, William Smith is now offering new state-of-the-art printing systems and specially engineered materials. Together, they enable graphics producers to greatly reduce the carbon footprint in producing exhibition graphics.

Latest developments in more eco-friendly materials include new non-PVC vinyl materials from both 3M and Ritrama. 3M Graphic Film 3545C and the lower cost RI-JET film from Ritrama are excellent examples of the way in which leading manufacturers are addressing environmental issues.

Supporting these materials are the latest digital printers, in particular those from HP, that now use the new Latex ink technology as an alternative to more hazardous solvent-based systems that give off harmful VOC emissions. The flagship model in the HP eco-friendly series of printers is the 104-inch HP DesignJet L65500 Latex printer. This is the first printer to utilise the latest Latex ink and wide-scan printing technologies and it will enable graphics producers to not only achieve faster printing cycles due to the technology involved but also, as a result of a drastic reduction in VOC emissions, greatly reduce the carbon footprint.

For graphics finishing, the RollsRoller Flatbed Applicator remains a preferred choice for many graphics producers. This remarkable workhorse of a machine can reduce material application time by as much as 80 per cent by comparison with alternative finishing solutions.

Other developments that will offer valuable support to providers of exhibition graphics are the DI-NOC special surface finishes and the Vikuiti rear projection film from 3M. Available in a choice of over 500 different patterns and finishes, DI-NOC mimics the natural appearance of materials like marble, stone and various woods.

For further information, visit the website or telephone 01833 690305.


New range of DYSS Apollo equipment offered by Sun Chemical

The Apollo offers the right mix of price and performance.

Sun Chemical, a leading manufacturer of printing inks and pigments, recently announced it is now offering DYSS Apollo print-and-cut machines throughout the UK and Ireland, to compliment its existing equipment range.

Based in Incheon (Seoul) Korea, DYSS has over 20 years of engineering experience in producing bespoke solutions for the manufacture of specialist screen print equipment for printing on bottles, containers, glass and even LCD TV screen panels, which makes them a perfect partner for Sun Chemical, a leading provider of materials to packaging, publication, coatings, plastics, cosmetics, and other industrial markets. DYSS say they are the only manufacturer now offering a full print-and-cut solution in the 1600mm to 3200mm sector.

With Sun Chemical's customers' requirements and applications varying enormously from vehicle graphics and estate agent boards to high quality POS advertising and exhibition graphics, the digital process is now very much a complementary process to screen and offset printing, enabling short and medium run production to be economically produced without compromising quality.

Mike Farmer, Equipment Sales Manager, for Sun Chemical says, "The Apollo series printers provide the right mix of price and performance to our customers and the extra usability features are a real bonus for production houses."

Farmer quotes a customer as saying, "All the things we've seen wrong on other machines are right on the Apollo - plus the manufacturing quality is superb."

Further information can be found at


Full colour printing on nylon with TheMagicTouch

A nylon jacket with transfer printing on it.Over the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of workwear and promotional garments being produced within the sign industry as demand for a wider choice of printable garment colours and styles from customers continues.

The market is changing, as are attitudes and perception towards transfer technology, with a realisation that TheMagicTouch image transfer process assists in creating new business and marketing opportunity. There are a myriad of different solutions available for full colour transfer printing on dark garments, all options seem to have their unique differences but vary dramatically in quality, speed and price.

TheMagicTouch offers the affordable Award Winning WoW transfer paper for full colour printing onto almost all fabric types regardless of fabric colour. The latest addition to the printable range is that of nylon considered by many as the "Holy Grail" of full colour transfer printing. The process involves no cutting or weeding and offers flexibility on transfer positioning, even on sleeves and collars.

The WoW transfer durability is beyond all expectations previously achieved with full colour transfers. The toner-based colour printers used to produce the WoW transfers are available for a few hundred pounds with a typical full colour breast logo costing less than 50p each to produce.

The bottom line is simple, once you see, touch and feel the WoW transfer and consider the options, WoW is the perfect in-expensive solution to the growing market of short-run full colour dark colour garment decoration. In a production environment an operator can easily produce in excess of 45 garments per hour, therefore looking at the modular expansion, the more presses the more garments.

For further information or samples contact is via or tel. 01582 671444.


Mimaki UJF-3042: New compact desktop LED UV printer

Mimaki’s new desktop LED UV curing printer – the UJF-3042USB Memory stick with the word Mimaki printed on it. Example of output created with the Mimaki UJF-3042 Braille Toilet signage and textured output achieved with the new Mimaki UJF-3042.
Mimaki announces the launch of the UJF-3042, a desktop size UV LED inkjet printer that combines Mimaki's award winning UV LED technology with a strong heritage in UV inkjet printing. The new machine is aimed at companies wishing to produce high quality output on materials up to A3 in size (300 x 420mm) with precise and vivid images onto uncoated substrates.

The UJF-3042 incorporates a newly developed inkjet print head that perfectly suits the requirements of this compact printer and enables an exceptionally good value for money proposition. Its cost-effective features include very low energy consumption through the implementation of LED UV curing as well as its ability to print to a vast choice of uncoated media. For screen printers, there are now no start-up costs and short run production is perfectly suited to the machine. Therefore not only can badges, cards, packaging, labels, stickers and display products be created but also the personalised imprinting of novelties, nameplates, electronics cases and other industrial products.

Capable of outputting process and white ink at up to 1,440 x 1,200dpi and printing with a variable dot, the Mimaki UJF-3042 accommodates uncoated materials up to 50mm thick. Glass, metal, wood, plastic and acrylic can all be printed to, and with high speed printing of around four minutes for an A3 imprint, including white, it's an impressively quick solution. The inherent nature of a UV print forms a raised finish, so Braille and textured effects can also be produced on small signs and packaging mockups.

The LED UV Curing technology has multiple advantages over competing technologies - the aforementioned low power consumption not only benefits running costs, but also, because of the small amount of heat generated, materials that are heat sensitive can be printed to without fear of the media deforming. The inclusion of white ink means coloured, transparent and metallic substrates can be printed to with the white as an over or under printed feature, either as a pad or in perfect registration.

John de la Roche; National Sales Manager for Mimaki's exclusive UK & Ireland distributor, Hybrid Services Ltd, remarks, "The launch of the UJF-3042 adds a really exciting model to Mimaki's ever-growing UV curing printer range. We can cater for any requirement from desktop to super-wide and the trickle down of technology is now benefiting smaller users and new entrants."

Mimaki include their powerful 16 bit Postscript RIP software as part of the package and with its relatively compact size, the printer is designed to fit through a standard door to facilitate ease of installation. The Mimaki UJF-3042 is available from this spring through Hybrid's network of authorised resellers and is anticipated to be very competitively priced for such a high end solution.

Further details can be found at or by calling 01270 501900.


Digital Print Innovations - Expertise and reliability are key to new wide-format service

The WP Virtu RS25, pictured with feeder

The beginning of 2010 has welcomed a new provider of printers, inks, consumables, software and service to wide-format producers in the UK and Ireland, with the launch of Digital Print Innovations (DPI). The Midlands-based firm has been formed by Stewart Bell, who has some 20 years' experience in the sector, and takes over existing supply contracts as it becomes the exclusive distributor for MTL and WP Digital UV-curable printing solutions.

Portrait photo of Stewart Bell"What's been missing for out-of-home advertising and other display producers is the reliability and security provided by a focused, one-to-one service," explains Bell, whose experience includes sales management for NUR and GBC Pro-tech. "In the days of corporate giants who can only offer impersonal technical support, we recognise that people buy from people. As a result, we are best placed to offer our customers continuity with complete, reliable and innovative solutions they need in the current era."

DPI's focus is on high-speed and versatile production machines for wide-format output of applications requiring speed, quality and reliability. Supplying both the successful Meital 300-series of UV-curable flatbeds, which feature the ability to create innovative applications for a low cost of ownership, and the WP Digital (formerly Spühl) flat-bed and roll-fed Virtu RS25, RS35 and RR50, which claim to print on virtually any material, the company's support package includes RIPs such as Onyx and Caldera, as well as colour profiling requirements, full technical support and service.

Additionally, DPI is appointed as UK reseller for EskoArtwork's Kongsberg cutting systems and software for the sign and graphics market and also offers the Seiko II series of solvent-based printers.

These technologies were hand-picked to make sure that our service combines the most creative equipment with an innovative support approach," continues Bell. "Our team is dynamic and unfailingly full of good ideas and, thanks to our experience, we realise not only how these solutions have developed but also how to put them to the best use possible."

Situated in Castle Donington, Digital Print Innovations's central location enables easy access to the UK and Ireland courtesy of the M1 and East Midlands Airport.

For further information call Stewart Bell on 01332 856355. More details about the products and services on offer will soon be available at

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