Northamptonshire - Traditional village signs from Rock Artisan Foundry

The finished village sign with workers from Rock Artisan FoundryRock Artisan Foundry produced the prestigious Silverstone Village sign in Northamptonshire (pictured right), which was unveiled by Sir Jackie Stewart in November 2008.

Started in 1981, the company caters to a wide customer base with its traditional sand cast aluminium signage.

Founding partner, Colin Rock, says "The public know us best for our house signs, personalised post boxes and farm signs but a valuable part of our business comes from village and community signs as well as schools, businesses and universities."

Recent projects include a complete range of traditional street signs for the picturesque village of Weston Underwood in Buckinghamshire, and numerous instructory and wayfinding signs for University College, Oxford.

The unassembled Silverstone Village Sign at Rock.The company is weathering the current financial climate well and sales have even increased in some areas of the business. Alice Rock, Managing Partner, puts the company's continued success down to quality craftsmanship and product diversity.

"When times are tough people want to know that they are spending their money wisely. Our products are handcrafted and quality control is very high," says Alice.

Rock is a rural business employing local people and run by an enthusiastic family with high standards and big plans with exciting projects in the pipeline.

Daniel Rock, Design and Engineering Partner, is confident that the business will continue to grow: "We are a family business with a great track record but you can't afford to stand still in today's market. We are looking forward to the launch of our new website in the next couple of months and are hoping to grow our customer base further in the UK and Europe and expand into the US and Japan."

For more information on Rock Foundry:
tel. 01327 351561

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