Hot-spots in built-up letters

tower LED Module

The science behind the "hot spot"


Photometric: The shaded area represents the angle and "brightness strength".

Standard LED modules generally produce strong front firing light.

"0" represents the "Hot Spot". Tower LED modules are unique by firing light to the sides, which reflects off the side walls creating uniform bright illumination.

Lighting built up letters can make a significant difference to the overall effect, even make or break a project. One company has addressed one common problem with an innovative solution that makes sure there are no more 'hot spots'!

Khalid Bashir from 3D Sign Systems explains: "How many times have you seen a high quality sign installation but the only factor that makes the sign not so great is the 'hot spots' of light. The traditional method would be to use neon, but this 'art' has been in decline for a number of years for many reasons such as the rising cost of energy. And for many, the newcomer namely LED modules, have been struggling to fill this void satisfactorily. Illuminating small or shallow depth channel letters has been quite difficult and frustrating using standard LEDs. And for this reason many a good sign maker succumbs to compromise. In order to achieve adequate brightness, typically bright LEDs are used, which can create the dreaded hot spots. This is where the sign letter is not uniformly lit but suffers from dimly, and brightly, lit areas. To overcome this problem with hot spots, lesser powerful LEDs can be used, but the quantity of modules tends to increase proportionately, which increases production costs.

"So 3D Sign Systems can offer a product that offers 'hot spot' free illumination and superb levels of brightness with our very unique Tower LED modules. The Tower module uses a very specialised dome lens which reduces the amount of front firing light to the face of the letter, And instead the majority of the light emitted is fired sideways at a much shallower angle. This strong low angle light bounces of the channel sides to produce bright, uniform levels of front face or halo illumination. The end result is a quite impressive even on letters with 40mm depth. The Tower module is equally good on letters with up to 200mm deep channels.

"Unsurprisingly there are quite a high number of signs that deem a retrofit illumination upgrade and the potential to increase revenue in this market is quite high."


Illuminated Built up Lettering by Sygnet Signs

Sygnet Signs have been established since 1974 and manufacture all of their Built up Letters in-house by their skilled fabricators, who have at least 10 years experience in the sign trade.


One of Sygnet Signs specialities are 'Illuminated Built Up Letters' as they not only have their own in-house letter shop dedicated to the manufacture of Built Up Letters but they also have an in-house LED company available too. LED Solutions are a trading division of Sygnet Signs and have shared the same Leicester based premises with Sygnet since they started trading back in 2005. LED Solutions are the UK Distributor for Daehan LED who use Samsung LED chips and specialise in LED modules designed for the illumination of signage. The Daehan LED modules are IP Rated and come available in a variety of profiles and colours all with a comforting 5 year warranty.

Sygnet signs work very closely with LED Solutions in making sure that every Illuminated Built up Letter they manufacture has a bright and consistent illumination with no LED board spotting. This has allowed Sygnet to recommend and advice their clients on how best to illuminate their letters in terms of return depth or stroke width at the early stage of the quotation process.

Sales estimator at Sygnet Signs Darren Jones comments: "Here at Sygnet we always advice our clients on how best to illuminate their signs as soon as we receive the enquiry. We work together with LED Solutions and always offer an honest opinion on how we would illuminate their signs without any illumination problems."

Sygnet manufacture their built up letters to suit the type of illumination required for instance Face illuminated letters may require Rimless or Rim and Return Built Up Letters whereas Halo illuminated letters may require flat faced built up letters. On the other hand if a more complete illumination effect is required then acrylic letters can be used were the face of the letter and the returns can be fully illuminated.

Sygnet signs are starting to receive more bespoke requests for their built up letters such as open faced trough letters with LED Neon flex placed inside to create a Neon like illumination effect around the border of the letter.

Another trend seems to be for built up letters to be manufactured with a perforated face with push through LED modules placed inside to create an array of miniature bulbs illuminating the whole face of the letter.

The sales team at Sygnet have noticed over the past 6 months that the requirement for a more retro themed built up letter has been created with LED Bulbs embedded into the face of the letter in popular demand. Darren Jones again adds: "We have noticed the trend for a more retro-like built up letter to be required at the moment. The specifications we receive are for Built Up trough letters with LED Bulbs inserted inside to give a 50's theatre like design. Sygnet feel confident that their in-house expertise will allow them to offer a solution to all of their clients built up letter specifications."

To view Sygnet signs Built up Lettering solutions please visit or call 0116 262 6288.



Bright Green launches LED Channel Modules

LED Channel ModulesNew to the UK market, and extending the range of LED backlight products from Bright Green Technology, is a range of LED modules for channel letter and halo illumination.

Building upon the success of Bright Green Matrix TM for backlighting bill boards and signs, Bright Green Technology has now launched its own range of tough, long lasting and totally water proof LED modules. Manufactured in a 10mm wide aluminium casing to the same high specification as Bright Green Matrix, this slim module is ideal for channel letter illumination.

Using premium specification, high Lumen LEDs Bright Green Channel modules can be installed in the toughest of environments. Available with either two or three LEDs, the white modules have a brightness level of 27 Lumens and 40 Lumens respectively, making them one of the best performers in the market.

For further information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly for prices and technical specification or visit for a range of downloadable resources, including images.


Portland Lighting - Affordable LED trough lighting

Ledlux trough lighting Portland Lighting, a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative products, successfully launched LEDlux, the first LED trough lighting system for the UK sign industry in spring.

Previously, the difficulty in achieving sufficient light spread evenly over an entire surface without the spotting normally associated with LEDs, had prevented development of successful LED trough lighting at a financially viable cost.

Portland drew on its extensive research and development expertise to overcome these problems and create the exciting and stylish LEDlux at a price affordable to the sign trade.

Ledlux uses high power 3.6 watt LED modules in ‘chip on board’ technology combined with broad 140 degree light distribution and a specialist magnifying extruded lens to achieve bright, uniform lighting. Illumination is comparable to conventional fluorescent trough lighting but operating costs are reduced by more than 50 per cent.

A lit sign for the Liverpool FC Club StoreSealed to IP64, together with IP67 power converters and protective coated LEDs, which have an integrated current source to stabilise luminous flux and outstanding lamp life, Ledlux offers enviable reliability of service and maintenance-free costs. A projected LED life of more than 50,000 hours could mean that fascia signs only half illuminated because fluorescents have not been replaced are a thing of the past. In addition, Ledlux has clear added value in the protection of valuable natural resources.

Portland designed the attractive casing to also house fluorescent lamps. The unique clip-in cover enables easy retro fitting into the signlux system, giving flexibility and the option of utilising a traditional light source or the new LED technology in relighting programmes.

Ledlux joins the Portland family of Microlux, Adlux, the original and ever-popular signlux, and the Bullet spotlight, to provide an unequalled range and choice within the sign industry.

For more information, go to or telephone 01922 721133.


LED Solutions announces latest Agilight range

Agilight Tuffrayz LED's LED Solutions has announced the latest range of LEDs that are capable of illuminating a variety of different applications. LED Solutions is currently the UK supplier of American company Agilight’s LED modules. Agilight’s newest Rayz collection includes a Weatherproof LED, High Output White and miniature LED module that can fit into lettering with stroke widths of 25mm.

The Weatherproof LED called Tuffrayz is designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions due to its potted circuitry and fully protective moulded body. The Tuffrayz module also has a streamlined pod-like design, which allows for smooth and easy installation into any signage or lettering. Energy efficiency is also a major addition to the Tuffrayz module as over 100 modules can be powered from just one 60-watt power supply.

The flagship product of the Rayz collection has to be the High Output Thin Rayz Xtra LED, which creates a very high intensity white illumination. This LED module contains four TOPS LED on each module and can produce a light output of 459 Lumens per metre, perfect for creating a bright and clean white illumination that many other LEDs struggle to achieve.

The last, but not least model, within this new range of LED products are called Thin Rayz. These LED modules have proven to be a great asset to LED Solutions because they can fit into the most awkward of lettering with stroke widths of just 25mm. The LED modules also use TOP LEDs and can produce an ultra bright illumination effect whilst generating a minimal amount of heat.

LED Solutions, already pleased with the current influx of new products, is looking forward to expanding its product range in the near future.

For more information visit the website

raised built up letter, with a halo created by Agilight's Thin Rayz LEDs

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