Mimaki launches Compact Flatbed Cutting Plotter

Model of the Mimaki CFL 605 cutterThe new Mimaki CFL-605RT Compact Flatbed Cutting Plotter offers both creasing and cutting capabilities and enables the creation and delivery of high quality, cost-effective output, according to the company. The new CFL-605RT is designed with Mimaki’s well-established technology to support immediate finishing of packaging and prototypes with multiple functions.

“There is growing demand for on-demand production of prototypes and small lots, both for products and their packaging,” says Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA at Mimaki Europe.

“This includes fast, efficient prototyping and production of samples as well as small lots of products and packaging that may be modified to reflect different seasonal and regional requirements. There are promotional and special event opportunities, too.”

New to the Market
The newest addition to Mimaki’s family of cutting plotters, the CFL-605RT is a multi function flatbed cutter that accommodates material sizes up to oversized A2 and features a variety of functions such as creasing and reciprocating cutting. Used in combination with the UJF-6042, the new compact flatbed cutting plotter can achieve on-demand production of the original goods by providing the whole production process.

Mimaki is distributed in the UK and Ireland by Hybrid Services Ltd and the company’s National Sales Manager – industrial products, Stuart Cole said: “The launch of the CFL-605RT allows us to offer a unique, fully integrated, small format flatbed print and cut workflow solution. This opens up packaging companies, design agencies and their brands to limitless opportunities for their product prototyping – or, indeed, short run bespoke projects.”


New clear ink from Mimaki

Clear ink printed on tilesHybrid Services Ltd, exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Mimaki has released a LH-100 clear ink for the JFX200-2513 flatbed LED UV printer to complement the existing LUS -150 and LH-100 LED UV curable inksets.

The new clear ink provides the 'capability to produce glossy and matte finish effects, adding creativity and value to the finished product'. The addition of the new ink to the gamut delivers an effect close to that achieved 'traditionally in the lithographic print industry for many years with a spot varnish. Mimaki clear ink can also be output in multiple layers to 'enhance the vibrancy of colours or to create a more tactile finishing effect'.

Stuart Cole, national sales manager – industrial products for Hybrid, said: "The new generation of flatbed LED UV printers are highly sophisticated and capable production machines that have been breaking new creative ground and the addition of this clear ink to the portfolio really takes the artistic and creative possibilities of the JFX200 to new levels."

Applications such as high end PoS, labels, textured finishes and even Braille are all now possible. This presents fantastic opportunities for companies to deliver accurate simulations of finished products in a very efficient and timely manner; with the combination of LED UV ink curing creating a touch dry finish immediately after printing.

Mimaki's clear UV ink can be retro fitted to existing JFX200 machines with only minor hardware upgrades needed. Users should make sure they have the latest firmware (Version 1.30 or later) and version of Mimaki's RIP (RasterLink 6 Version 2.10 or later). One of Hybrid's demonstration JFX200 printers will be commissioned with white and clear inks alongside the process colours to enable visitors to the showroom to compare the variety of configurations the machine is capable of.


Mimaki launches new printer/cutter

Mimaki CJV300 print and cut machineMimaki recently launched the CJV300 series, their new print and cut flagship that is the first of a series of unveilings as it exhibits at shows throughout the autumn. The CJV300 had its European premiere at Viscom Paris 2014 in September on the stand with other Mimaki products.

The CJV300 is an integrated print and cut machine, available in 1.3 and 1.6m widths, to give simultaneous printing and cutting operations with 'best-in-class' print speeds of up to 105.9m² per hour. Its two newly developed staggered print-heads deliver high-resolution printing whilst continuous registration mark detection enables the uninterrupted cutting of an entire roll of media. The registration marks produced on the CJV300 are zero-margin, reducing costly media consumption.

"The high speed of the new Mimaki CJV300 is going to set a precedent for integrated printer/cutters," says John de la Roche, national sales manager – sign & graphics for Mimaki's UK and Irish distributor, Hybrid Services. "It's an exciting time for Mimaki customers and the CJV300 will give the ultimate print and cut solution for producing items such as stickers and labels."

Coinciding with the launch of the CJV300 comes news of the availability of the SS21 silver ink. Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA for Mimaki Europe said: "We are especially excited to be offering a new silver ink along with a brand-new printer to bring high value-added printing to manufacturers in the sticker, labelling, and packaging print industries. This complements the SS21 Orange and Light Black inks introduced earlier this year and makes it possible for users to create metallic images in no less than 648 different colours with a silver underlay."

The SS21 silver ink brightness is 1.67 times greater than that of conventional silver inks, for 'stunning' mirror effect results. Compatible with all printers using SS21 inks, the new solvent silver ink will give print companies the opportunity to 'greatly add value to their output and print dazzling finishes'.



New Mimaki JV300 printer for outdoor and sublimation markets

a model of the Mimaki-JV300 inkjet wide format printerMimaki recently announced the availability of the JV300-130/160 family of eco-solvent inkjet wide format printers. The Mimaki JV300-130/160 is compatible with solvent and water-based sublimation inks, and used for outdoor signage, posters, interior décor and vehicle wrapping.

"Mimaki was the first company to bring solvent inkjet to wide format printing," said Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA for Mimaki Europe.
"Since that time, we have continued to bring innovation to this space, including increased quality, flexibility and environmental sustainability. These printers are also extremely flexible as they can be used for both eco-solvent and water-based sublimation printing."

The range of new printers features brand new print heads that can easily manage both solvent and water-based inks for a broad range of wide format printing applications. The printers will run with two different ink types that support a wide range of materials and applications, including SS21 eco-solvent ink in CMYK, light cyan, light magenta and white. Newly-developed inks are also available in orange and light black to extend the colour gamut and improve gradation performance. High-density printing and fast drying time enable more throughput and shorter production cycles without blocking or bleeding. Alternatively, the Mimaki JV300 can run Sb53 water-based sublimation inks for printing on textiles, producing bright colours and enabling high-density printing.



Enhanced Mimaki JV33 'offers print companies even more'

Mimaki JV33 printerMimaki has announced an enhanced and updated version of the 'highly successful' JV33 outdoor durable printer, which was launched in early February.

Widely regarded as theinkjet printer,  'pillar' in Mimaki's outdoor durable inkjet product line, the JV33 has garnered much praise for its capabilities and gained a very loyal customer following along the way, says the company.

The newly enhanced model is an updated version of its top selling JV33 roll-to-roll series of eco-solvent and solvent inkjet products, which they claim further underlines their reputation for continual development and innovation. A key element of the upgrade is the addition of Mimaki's Advanced Pass System (MAPS) technology. This is an innovative approach to discharging ink droplets to minimise, or even eliminate imperfections in high production mode. The MAPS system delivers at least a 10 per cent speed increase to the already fast printing solution; and functions with Mimaki's almost odourless SS21 solvent, ES3 eco solvent and dye sublimation ink sets.

Exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Hybrid Services Ltd, John de la Roche, national sales manager for the company said: "We're genuinely excited about this enhancement to the industry leading JV33 printer, which offers our customers even greater productivity; all for the same price. The Mimaki JV33 has consistently been an exceptional and effective tool for many of our customers and in doing so, created a very dedicated fan-base."



Hybrid Mimaki

Hybrid is Mimaki’s exclusive UK and Irish distributor. John de la Roche, Mimaki’s National Sales Manager, discusses how SUVs could be the future of signage and graphics.

Mimaki’s Solvent/UV ink – SUV – is taking the market by storm, creating visually-arresting finished prints and providing quick drying times as well as near-instant lamination when required.  “It’s like nothing else we’ve seen, and sign makers are understandable getting very excited about its possibilities,” says John. In a world where many sign makers are focusing on getting the overall job out quickly rather than demanding just quick printing, fast-drying SUV ink is meeting and exceeding demands.

Silk printed with Mimaki ink. Mimaki JV400 SUV printer
The arrival of Latex to the market, something John describes as “exciting but not revolutionary”, has also given sign makers new opportunities to expand business. As vehicle wrapping continues to rise in popularity, latex ink has proved invaluable on account of it’s ability to be laminated right away. The continued interest in this wrapping trend is something John attributes to a change in the way we shop. “It’s the result of the internet!” he laughs. “Buying products online for delivery the next day has certainly put more delivery vehicles on the road and therefore contributed to the increase in vehicle livery. The need to be visible to remain competitive is bigger than ever. Therefore eye catching vehicle designs have benefited from flexible inks as well as suitable material. With reference to the latter, media technology has come on leaps and bounds for vehicle graphics.”

But although it’s been heralded as a more environmentally friendly ink than others, the power requirements that are needed to create the heat necessary to cure latex ink negates a lot of these energy-saving benefits. “Mimaki latex ink has a clear advantage over alternatives because of its capability to cure at a much lower temperature,” says John. “This year, Mimaki is turning attention to creating both new inks and machines to help sign makers get the most value for money, performance and eco-responsibility in 2014.”

Already a strong market leader, Mimaki is continuing to evolve and develop products that meet demands, especially in the areas of UV and textile printing. John adds that new machines will also help Mimaki to continue to secure business as customer demands increase.

For more information, visit www.hybridservices.co.uk.


Mimaki expands flatbed printer range

Mimaki has announced the upcoming launch of the JFX200-2513; a large format flatbed UV inkjet printer. It can print up to 25 square metres per hour on materials up to 4 feet by 8 feet (2,500 x 1,300 mm) in size and up to 50 mm thick.

This printer's compact footprint, eco-friendly LED curing and attractive price point make it ideal for businesses in the sign and display graphics industry that wish to affordably expand their range of services, claim Mimaki.

"We are extremely pleased to add the JFX200-2513 to our broad portfolio of UV inkjet large format printers," says Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing for Mimaki Europe. "It is designed based on customer input as an entry level printer with extreme ease of use but also incorporates many of the advanced features that Mimaki is known for in the sign and display graphics industry."


The printer is offered with multiple ink types that support a wide range of materials and applications. These include LH-100, a hard UV cure ink with high rub and chemical resistance with excellent colour fidelity. Mimaki's LUS-150 is a low-cost UV cure ink with suppleness that extends to 150% without cracking for materials to be applied to curved surfaces. Finally, Mimaki PR-100 is a primer ink that can be used as a pre-treatment agent to improve ink adhesion on difficult surfaces. The ink is available in 1-litre ink bottles for reduced ink costs.

The Mimaki JFX200-2513 features variable dot function that assures a high quality print by jetting three ink dot sizes at once. The printer also features a white ink for brilliant images, compelling backlit graphics and other items printed on transparent materials. It also has Mimaki Circulation Technology which eliminates issues with white ink sedimentation.

Mike Lewis of Mimaki's exclusive UK and Irish distributor, Hybrid Services Ltd said; "The launch of the JFX200-2513 delivers a printer specifically designed for the requirements of our market and combines the typical print and build quality normally associated with Mimaki with a format to suit the majority of our customer base."



New Mimaki Tx500-1800B

Mimaki printer Tx500-1800BMimaki has announced a new addition to its range of digital textile inkjet printers.

The Tx500-1800B delivers high speed, high quality digital printing on a wide range of textiles, such as cotton, silk, hemp and rayon. The new printer joins highly successful machines such as the TS500-1800 and TS34-1800A to round out the company's broad textile printing portfolio.

"We continue to improve and expand our textile printing capabilities based on customer feedback," said Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA for Mimaki Europe. "With the Tx500-1800B, we have again raised the bar in terms of the cost, quality and flexibility metrics for high quality small lot printing of textiles, even when using stretchy fabrics."

    Key features that differentiate the Mimaki Tx500-1800B include:
  • A specially designed conveyor belt that feeds fabric without tension, to enable high quality printing on elastic materials, even with unattended operation.
  • Print speeds are 1.6 times greater than conventional Mimaki textile printing products at 60 square meters per hour and 600x450 dpi.
  • Various ink types that support a wide range of materials to meet the diverse needs of the textile and apparel industries are available for this printer. Such as reactive dye ink (Rc300), sublimation dye ink (Sb300), acid dye ink and pigment ink. Acid dye and pigment inks will be available in the near future and all the ink is available in 2-litre ink bottles for reduced ink costs.

The combination of speed and print quality is key to the Tx500-1800B. A variable dot function that delivers rich gradation without banding and accurate printing of fine lines gives added value in the final product for fashion design.

The new printer includes a number of features to aid ease of use in a production environment and an automatic process for cleaning and drying the conveyor belt between or during projects ensures that media is protected from staining or dampness.

"We believe that the Tx500-1800B will speed up the gradually growing transition to digital printing in the worlds of textiles and apparel," Horsten adds. "Fashion designers and others in the industry will be able to produce vibrant small lot products on unique materials that were not readily available for digital printing in the past. This includes cotton, silk, hemp and rayon, all popular fabrics in the world of fashion design. Our dedication to eco-friendly printing is also demonstrated with this new textile printer, which uses less ink and water and results in less waste than other printing methods."

National sales manager for Mimaki's exclusive distributor, Hybrid Services Ltd, John de la Roche sees the new printer fitting into the UK's and Ireland's growing manufacturing industry well. "We're seeing substantial growth in the sportswear and fashion sectors," he says. "Local manufacturing shortens the time to market and shipping costs are greatly reduced. Retailers are demanding this sort of service, so the new Mimaki production textile machine delivers a solution to enable such a process."



Mimaki Inks Receive ECO-passport Certification

Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of wide- format inkjet printers, recently reported that an ECO-passport certification has been issued by Centexbel for its Sb300 series dye sublimation inks. This certification, which certifies compliance with the Oeko-Tex standard 100 and the ECO-passport certification system, assures users that inks will cause no harm when they come in contact with the skin. This certification is highly important for producers of textiles, especially those creating products that are destined to come in contact with human skin.


Mimaki printer running Sb300 inks“We are extremely pleased to receive this certification,” says Mike Horsten, General Manager, Marketing of Mimaki EMEA. “Our textile printing products have been received warmly by the marketplace, and we believe this certification will help us gain even more credibility among textile printers looking for a short- run digital solution.


Many in the industry will remember the stir created by Mimaki-printed costumes on the Landa Dancers at drupa 2012. Now they can feel comfortable creating their own unique designs for digitally printed apparel and other textile products without any concern for potential harm to end users." Mimaki’s exclusive distributor for the UK & Ireland, Hybrid Services Ltd launched the Mimaki TS500 at Sign & Digital UK and marketing manager, Duncan Jefferies, confirms high levels of interest from sportswear and apparel companies and expresses confidence that the certification is an additional benefit for garment manufacturers.


“Beyond the printer’s unique combination of ultra fast production speeds and high quality of output; industry certification for the Mimaki dye sublimation ink is a further strong selling point for the TS500.”

Mimaki excels in offering innovative, high quality and high reliability products using a variety of inkjet technologies. Sb300 ink, an aqueous dye sublimation ink introduced to the market in 2012, is optimized for use with the Mimaki TS500- 1800 textile printer for dye sublimation transfer. The printer can operate in a 6-colour mode for smooth gradations and higher quality lightcolours, or a 4-colour mode for increased productivity.


More details about Mimaki products including its full range of textile printers and inks, can be found at www.hybridservices.co.uk. 


Mimaki Debuts LX101 Latex Ink series at FESPA

Mimaki announced in May the availability of a new latex ink for its JV400-130/160LX latex inkjet printers. LX101 ink was shown for the first time in Europe at FESPA 2013, where visitors to Mimaki stand were able to see the difference with the addition of orange and green inks for more accurate reproduction of corporate colours and a higher density black ink that delivers sharper, richer details.


“Our JV400-130/160LX latex printers have proven to be quite popular,” said Mike Horsten, General Manager, Marketing of Mimaki EMEA. “We believe our latex customers will be very excited about this new addition to our sign graphics latex ink set. The new LX101 inks and the 6-colour printing capability, already supported by our RasterLink6 RIP, offer so much more than just new ink. The LX101 Latex inks are more eco-friendly than solvent inks, yet the outdoor durability of the Mimaki LX inks are equivalent to solvent, offering the best of both worlds with a small environmental footprint. These new inks offer glossier and more vivid colours than our current LX100 inks. We were excited to show the added value of these inks at FESPA 2013 and believe these new inks can bring the sign, display, graphics firms and photo labs back together.”


Mimaki JV400-130 latex inkjet printerMimaki JV400-130/160 latex inkjet printers print on a wide array of substrates including uncoated paper, using environ- mentally friendly aqueous ink. The JV400LX series supported the world’s first white latex ink, achieving printability on clear substrates with vibrant colour. Mimaki’s patented MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology) ensures continuous circulation of white inks to pre- vent pigments from settling and potentially having an adverse effect on quality and throughput. The JV400LX is suitable for the production of a wide range of applications for both indoor and outdoor use. Customers can choose which ink set they would like to use upon first installation: LX100 or LX101.


Key features include:


Wider colour gamut achieved with six- colour (Hexa-Colour) Process Printing in- cluding Orange & Green ink
This delivers a wider colour gamut than can be achieved with conventional 4- color(CMYK)Process Printing, enabling more accurate reproduction of corporate colours in company logos and other graphic elements. The brilliant orange and green inks reproduce vibrant pastel colours, ideal for colourful posters and point-of-purchase materials for food industry products.

Additionally, spot colour reproduction is improved, which is especially important for the production of package design proofs in cases where designs require spot colours. With these inks, contract proofing and photo reproductions are now made possible.


High density black ink and improved glossiness to deliver rich and contrasting details

By increasing the density of black ink, sharper and richer details are attained. The improved glossiness creates more vivid colours, offering a more photo like image than any other latex currently available in the market.


White ink expands the range of applications, supported by the white ink circulation system
A white ink layer assures more vivid colour results on transparent substrates such as window film and shatterproof film, meeting a wide variety of needs in the sign and display graphics industry. JV400LX series printers are equipped with MCT, a white ink circulation system that prevents pigments from settling by routinely circulating the white ink in order to ensure consistent printing.


Excellent drying and work-efficiency

The ink dries fast enough to immediately move on to secondary processes such as laminating and installing. Because drying time is not required, total work efficiency is dramatically improved.

Distributed exclusively in the UK & Ireland by Hybrid Services Ltd, its national sales manager, John de la Roche sees significant benefit in the additional ink range for the Mimaki latex printers. “The Mimaki JV400 with the option of standard process colours, the first white latex ink or the new hexa-colour orange and green gives print providers a unique opportunity to deliver a very high quality of output for their customers.”

ICC Profiles for the whole range of Latex products can be found at the new MMCP (Mimaki Media Certification Program) website. www.Mimaki.color-base.com


More details about Mimaki products including its full range of printers and cutting plotters can be found at www.hybridservices.co.uk.

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