Atlantic launch NEOLT Shield 1650 laminator

freshgreat doeswarm view startsdown see The new Shield 1650 is a new pneumatic laminator for car wrapping and sign making.

companyfresh link The Shield laminator range reduces set up and preparation times with the added benefit that the machine does not need any specialised personnel to operate this easy to use laminator. The Shield is designed and manufactured to accommodate the widest range of applications. The Shield can also be fitted with vertical online exit cutting units as an optional feature.The new Atlantic NEOLT Shield 1650

groansparty The Shield was recently demonstrated at the Car Wrap Competition at FESPA 2013 and was part of the competition winner's prize. reasononly The benefits of the Shield series are: hopemaking • Plug & play; the shield range is equipped with internal compressor: just plug in, bring the machine to temperature and start working.
• Auto media sensing: the shield's air pressure system automatically adapts to the different thicknesses and to the frequent differences of media. The rollers simply adapts to the surface in real time.
• On line cutting: the Shield range has two exit vertical cutting units as optional which can increase productivity, additionally positioned according to the specific user's requirement. Moreover, you can also add the horizontal cutting unit.
• Eco-friendly: the air pressure system has a real low energy consumption return on those machines fitted with electric motors.
• Offers a low investment with full upgradeability.
• Cold or hot: the basic version is for cold lamination, with heated rolls up to 50ºC as optional.

yearscannot The shield platform is designed and manufactured to fit the widest forms of use, from vehicle and environment wrapping to include all kinds of applications of visual communication and sign making.

moveshare see For more information visit


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Cutting machine is printers’ dream makemission mightknock there neckstreet Blackman & White showcased their latest machine, the Versa-Tech Series, at this year’s biggest tradeshow for print specialists, following intensive product development. dangerwaste alongfavor  

nextmuch handlesmart watch It’s part of the trailblazing MasterCut range developed by Blackman & White. The new cutting machine – which offers laser, knife and routing cut capability in one model – was tailor-made for those working in the print industry.


A team of printing and finishing experts were key to the Versa-Tech’s design process to ensure the machine offers extreme accuracy, cutting speed and versatility. It’s the latest innovation for British success story Blackman & White. The Maldon- based company have been designing and building cutting machines in Britain since 1964. The machine was unveiled at FESPA 2013 and fit with the show’s theme of offering inspiration to everyone working with print, from print service providers to end-users. Blackman & White’s technology is already delivering clear benefits for print customers, including experts in large format graphic solutions.

Uniquely the Versa-Tech can offer cutting with laser, knife and router. All options can be enabled from purchase or customers can choose those they need now, adding others later to meet the needs of their business.


Alex White, managing director of Blackman & White, said: “FESPA is a showcase for the diversity of today’s print industry and we were pleased to demonstrate how this latest machine can offer customers all the options they need"


“Cutting by laser is at least five times faster than cutting by hand and on large nested files it can be up to 20 times faster. We’re receiving feedback that this means our machines pay for themselves within as little as a year.”


The efficiency of the machine is a real plus for this fast-paced industry, Alex added: “The industry moves quickly but by combining our history of working with print innovators and the latest technology we’ve created a future-proof machine.”



To find out more visit the website


Screen unveils Truepress Jet W3200UV wide-format UV flat-bed printer at FESPA

The Truepress Jet W3200UV received its worldwide debut at FESPA 2013.


The printer has been a joint development between Screen and its subsidiary company Inca Digital using core imaging and inkjet technologies refined by both companies over many years. It has been developed as a cost-effective solution for the market looking to upgrade from legacy high-quality, low speed printers to a new-generation printer that delivers high-quality and high productivity.


Truepress-jet-W3200UV is new from ScreenThe new six colour + white printer has been designed to meet the demands of the POS, signage and decor markets today with the ability to print onto a wide range of rigid and flexible media up to 3.2 x 1.6m in size and up to a maximum 50mm thickness. A new print carriage design allows the printer to achieve best-in-class print speeds of 84 sqm/hr (904 sqft/hr). Using Screen’s vibrant Truepress inks, including high-opacity white, light cyan and light magenta, the Truepress Jet W3200UV delivers high-definition, wide-colour gamut print quality with excellent resistance to the bending and cutting of media. Users can specify colour options to suit their needs: CMYK + LcLm, +LcLmWW or +WW.


Software options for the Truepress Jet W3200UV include the choice of Wasatch SoftRIP or ColorGATE Pro- duction Server 5, alongside Screen EQUIOS workflow automation and PDF Polisher file optimisation software to improve all round quality. The Truepress Jet W3200UV, commercially available from October this year, expands Screen’s range of wide-format UV printers which also includes the Truepress JetW1632UV and the Truepress Jet2500 hybrid printer. The company is growing its sales activities across Europe and is currently recruiting new specialist wide-format distribution partners in certain territories.


“The launch of the Truepress Jet W3200UV reinforces our commitment to the wide-format market,” says Brian Filler, President, Screen Europe. “The printer represents a step change for the industry and incorporates the latest UV inkjet imaging technologies to deliver the ultimate in performance and reliability. Our customers want the assurance that they can produce consistent quality graphics, around the clock if need be, with a printer that delivers low total cost of ownership and the Truepress Jet W3200UV is the solution.”


Triangle MSS eco solvent ink launched at FESPA

Triangle Inks launched their new line of MSS eco-solvent inks for the Mimaki® JV33TM and JV34TM wide format printers at FESPA 2013.


New Triangle inkThe MSS eco-solvent inks have been formulated so they are 100% colour and chemically compatible with Mimaki® SS21 inks. They offer a wide range of compatibility with vinyl banner media and are available in CMYK. Printers using the MSS eco-solvent inkjet inks will benefit from less waste with cartridge-by-cartridge changeover or by taking advantage of other bulk use ink systems. Visitors to FESPA saw the full range of Triangle inks including EDX, the Eco Solvent ink for Roland® printers.


Loic Delor, Managing Director of Josero, the master distributor for Triangle Inks in the UK, said, “Printing companies in the UK are keen to keep their costs down, however, they are not willing to do this by compromising the quality of the prints they produce. This is where we come in. Triangle have been manufacturing inks for over 20 years, they are not a fly by night company who produce cheap third party inks. Triangle inks have technically advanced R&D facilities in the USA, where the inks are developed and rigorously tested before they are ever brought to market. So, anyone switching to Triangle inks can rest assured they are purchasing fully compatible, high quality inks with robust warranties and technical backup.”


For further details see or call +44 (0) 1954 232564 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


RTI Shows its Vortex 4200 Wide Format Printer FESPA

Reprographic Technology International (RTI), a leading industry supplier to both the digital production print and wide format print markets, showed its VortexTM 4200 printer, powered by Memjet®, at London FESPA 2013.


The wide format Vortex 4200 printer targets several print applications, including CAD, AEC, GIS and point-of-sale graphics with a combination of speed and quality never before thought possible. Inside the Vortex 4200 is revolutionary Memjet technology with five printheads for single-pass wide format printing of uncompromised speed and quality. Compared to traditional inkjet, the Vortex 4200 prints many times faster for incredible job turnaround times and attractive total cost of ownership.


RTI Vortex 4200 Wide Format PrinterRTI first showcased the Vortex 4200 in February at an exclusive preview event at Wrest Park in Bedfordshire, UK. According to Peter Barton, EMEA business director for RTI: “Feedback from the 160 attendees was very positive, resulting in both direct sales at the preview and, more importantly, a confirmation that our Vortex 4200 printer is well-positioned to deliver exceptional results and massive productivity gains for CAD, GIS and point-of-sale graphics printing. One of our strengths is the ability to tailor solutions to the needs of our customers. Since this preview event, interest in the Vortex 4200 has been high, and we have conducted customer installations within the UK and Israel. We are also nearing completion of additional dealer agreements within Europe.”


Yaacov Viedas, CEO for Rowe Israel says: "RTI has been helping me with my digital printing needs for many years, and has now brought me the latest in technology with the game-changing Vortex 4200 wide format printer. With this machine, I can see big opportunities to help my customers streamline their print workflow and give them big savings in running costs, manpower, and space requirements." Erik Norman, RTI’s vice president of sales and marketing said: "Momentum with the Vortex 4200 from both a technical and commercial perspective, has been exceptional. Our partner, OWN-X, has already incorporated our initial voice-of-customer feedback from February that attendees saw at FESPA. European and UK dealer response has been positive, and we have solidified our 2013 North American launch plans, with dealer agreements in Canada and US close at hand. In addition to the Vortex 4200, RTI will showcase our complete family of Memjet-powered printers at this year’s Print 13 and SGIA shows in Chicago and Orlando, respectively."


"With Memjet’s technology at the core of the Vortex 4200 printer, we are confident that RTI customers will see what matters most to them: increased wide format printing efficiency and productivity coupled with exceptional results," said Mike Puyot, president of Memjet Wide Format. "We look forward to seeing RTI bring Memjet’s wide format technology to additional markets across the globe."


GMG Launches ProductionSuite 2.0 at FESPA

GMG announces the version 2 release of ProductionSuite, an update of the most complete production solution for wide- format printing. Highlights include a very easy to use version of SmartProfiler to profile all combinations of printers, media, inks, etc; more powerful Layout tools; and a new interior decoration option — along with a new, GMG ProductionSuite Focus edition.


GMG ProductionSuite offers the entire range of functions required in a wide-format production environment. GMG ProductionSuite is modular, comprising of a prepress file Editor, RIP, SmartProfiler and PrintStation. It currently supports over 1,000 output devices. A flexible licensing model permits custom installation: from a simple configuration on one computer with only one RIP, one Editor and functions for driving one or two output devices, all the way to an extensive decentralized configuration with several editors that can send jobs to over ten printers and cutters. With additional functions, such as industrial cutting, true shape nesting, and screen- and variable data printing, GMG ProductionSuite also fulfills some of the more unique requirements of wide format printing.


Updated SmartProfiler 2.0: Same reliable high-quality color management—even easier to achieve.

GMG SmartProfiler is a wizard for the calibration and profiling of all supported print devices without requiring expert knowledge of color management. With highly automated SmartProfiler color management, printers get guaranteed repeatability without any need for expert color knowledge – even with spot colors.


ProductionSuite 2.0 features a new, automatic rendering intent. “While most profiling and color management tools may require an operator to go through a number of ‘trial and error’ steps to obtain a satisfactory separation, in SmartProfiler 2.0 GMG takes responsibility for building the profile,” explains Markus Finkbeiner, Director Business Unit Wide Format Printing at GMG. “It is truly a “smart” profiler, creating the profile depending upon media, ink set, substrate, and other variables. GMG’s time and knowledge is definitely built into the product.”


The new SmartProfiler 2.0, which now operates on both OS X and Windows plat- forms, has a new user interface to make it even easier to get outstanding color results. It is one, complete software application to create all profile components, including print mode, ink splitting, calibration and profile. The integrated media manager inside Smart- Profiler offers a complete, streamlined overview of every profile including, for ex- ample, spot color edits. GMG Device Link (MX4) profiles are now created on the fly, based upon where the file is intended to be output. There is no longer any need to create several printer-media-mode (PMM) combinations for different RGB and CMYK work- flows.


Layout: More flexibility for a wide variety of jobs


With the new Layout feature, GMG ProductionSuite 2.0 will be integrated into even more workflows, producing a wider variety of print products. True shape nesting is very easy to program. For example, users can create 100 stickers, rescale them in three different sizes, and nest them by true shape, all with just a few mouse clicks. Integrated cut and white support are built in. If desired, users can even open a true-shape nested job within the RIP, change the job layout by readjusting parameters such as the amount of images, job rotation and cutting information—and then print and cut the job. So, nesting can be created by either the prepress operator or the print operator.


New interior decoration option


Available as a new, additional option, interior decoration can support two significant functions for the digitized creation and printing of textiles and wallpapers: colorways and step & repeat. The ProductionSuite Editor step & repeat tool supports all common algorithms for the textile industry. Patterns can be moved in any direction. Then, colorways allows several colorations within one job. Similar, multiple layouts can be created in different colors on multiple layouts, but with the same, precise step & repeat layout. Most important, with GMG’ s color accuracy technology. GMG ProductionSuite can assure one delta-E accuracy in textiles from a digital press, no matter when the file is printed. Thus, textiles and wallpapers are always color and design consistent, a ‘must’ demanded by interior decorators.


GMG ProductionSuite Focus Edition: Fully functional wide format workflow at an entry-level price

GMG is also releasing GMG Production- Suite-Focus Edition, an entry-level price version of GMG ProductionSuite intended for print shops that wish to bundle a complete workflow – instead of solely a RIP – at the time of purchase of a new digital printer. The ProductionSuite Focus Edition is a fully functioning workflow system, including all four ProductionSuite modules. It also offers the same cutting functionality as the standard licensed version. However, it is offered with a one-user license and one printer driver. Upgrades are available to add more printer drivers. Optional modules are not available.


“We wanted to offer small and medium-sized print shops the benefits of GMG ProductionSuite, at a very affordable price,” comments Finkbeiner. “Almost immediately, with GMG ProductionSuite Focus Edition, these shops will be able to offer the quality, speed and consistency that a complete automated production workflow provides."


Mimaki Debuts LX101 Latex Ink series at FESPA

Mimaki announced in May the availability of a new latex ink for its JV400-130/160LX latex inkjet printers. LX101 ink was shown for the first time in Europe at FESPA 2013, where visitors to Mimaki stand were able to see the difference with the addition of orange and green inks for more accurate reproduction of corporate colours and a higher density black ink that delivers sharper, richer details.


“Our JV400-130/160LX latex printers have proven to be quite popular,” said Mike Horsten, General Manager, Marketing of Mimaki EMEA. “We believe our latex customers will be very excited about this new addition to our sign graphics latex ink set. The new LX101 inks and the 6-colour printing capability, already supported by our RasterLink6 RIP, offer so much more than just new ink. The LX101 Latex inks are more eco-friendly than solvent inks, yet the outdoor durability of the Mimaki LX inks are equivalent to solvent, offering the best of both worlds with a small environmental footprint. These new inks offer glossier and more vivid colours than our current LX100 inks. We were excited to show the added value of these inks at FESPA 2013 and believe these new inks can bring the sign, display, graphics firms and photo labs back together.”


Mimaki JV400-130 latex inkjet printerMimaki JV400-130/160 latex inkjet printers print on a wide array of substrates including uncoated paper, using environ- mentally friendly aqueous ink. The JV400LX series supported the world’s first white latex ink, achieving printability on clear substrates with vibrant colour. Mimaki’s patented MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology) ensures continuous circulation of white inks to pre- vent pigments from settling and potentially having an adverse effect on quality and throughput. The JV400LX is suitable for the production of a wide range of applications for both indoor and outdoor use. Customers can choose which ink set they would like to use upon first installation: LX100 or LX101.


Key features include:


Wider colour gamut achieved with six- colour (Hexa-Colour) Process Printing in- cluding Orange & Green ink
This delivers a wider colour gamut than can be achieved with conventional 4- color(CMYK)Process Printing, enabling more accurate reproduction of corporate colours in company logos and other graphic elements. The brilliant orange and green inks reproduce vibrant pastel colours, ideal for colourful posters and point-of-purchase materials for food industry products.

Additionally, spot colour reproduction is improved, which is especially important for the production of package design proofs in cases where designs require spot colours. With these inks, contract proofing and photo reproductions are now made possible.


High density black ink and improved glossiness to deliver rich and contrasting details

By increasing the density of black ink, sharper and richer details are attained. The improved glossiness creates more vivid colours, offering a more photo like image than any other latex currently available in the market.


White ink expands the range of applications, supported by the white ink circulation system
A white ink layer assures more vivid colour results on transparent substrates such as window film and shatterproof film, meeting a wide variety of needs in the sign and display graphics industry. JV400LX series printers are equipped with MCT, a white ink circulation system that prevents pigments from settling by routinely circulating the white ink in order to ensure consistent printing.


Excellent drying and work-efficiency

The ink dries fast enough to immediately move on to secondary processes such as laminating and installing. Because drying time is not required, total work efficiency is dramatically improved.

Distributed exclusively in the UK & Ireland by Hybrid Services Ltd, its national sales manager, John de la Roche sees significant benefit in the additional ink range for the Mimaki latex printers. “The Mimaki JV400 with the option of standard process colours, the first white latex ink or the new hexa-colour orange and green gives print providers a unique opportunity to deliver a very high quality of output for their customers.”

ICC Profiles for the whole range of Latex products can be found at the new MMCP (Mimaki Media Certification Program) website.


More details about Mimaki products including its full range of printers and cutting plotters can be found at


INDASOL Launch Removable UHB-351

Working closely with their Sign Making, Printing and Display customers, INDASOL have developed a UHB product which offers the excellent high performance bonding strength for applications such as channel and rail fixing, with the added benefit of being removable at a later date, leaving non residue and without surface damage.Removable UHB-351 tape having backing paper removed ready for adhesion.


UHB-351 has a unique structure allowing instant high strength bonding onto surfaces such as metal, glass, plastics and wood as well as then being removed using a special technique at a later date. UHB-351 joins the other specialist sign making products from INDASOL such as Cold Stick UHB, Crystal Clear Adhesive and Non Read Through Adhesive.


“Recognising the demands of our Signage customers, we are committed to providing the Sign Maker with a range of technical products that offer exceptional bonding performance supported by fast delivery from stock and full technical back up”: Comments Sales Director Paul Robinson. “With the constant changes in Signage materials, we strive to offer cutting edge solutions to new applications and have a reputation for innovation and problem solving.”


For your local stockist of the complete INDASOL Signs Makers range, including the revolutionary Sign-Block 3D material, please contact our technical sales team:

For further information please call 0121 556 9900 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Ilford introduces Omnijet innovations at FESPA

The new AquaBlockTM and NanoSolventTM layer technology for aqueous and solvent commercial printing were unveiled at FESPA 2013.


ILFORD (, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional quality media for both inkjet printing and colour photographic processes, announced their latest product innovations for the commercial sign and display market at FESPA 2013 held in London.


Exhibiting at Stand G67S, ILFORD unveiled two new groundbreaking technologies that aim to revolutionise the sign and display industry by offering commercial printers an opportunity to increase productivity and drive incremental business by more efficient utilisation of their existing hardware.


Building on the recently introduced NanoSolventTM layer technology, ILFORD announced new applications for this range as well as further products to expand their solvent platform stable of media. ILFORD also showcased AquaBlockTM, an exciting breakthrough in aqueous inkjet technology, which offers the sign and display market the ability to drive incremental business through a range of completely water-fast products for outdoor use without the need for lamination.


“Throughout our history in the sign and display market, we have continued to be a driving force in the industry’s advancement,” said Paul Willems, Chief Executive Officer for ILFORD. “With these latest innovations in media layer design we are able to introduce groundbreaking new products which ensure that media is able to keep pace with advancements in hardware. In these challenging economic times we are continuing to look for ways to offer commercial printers cost effective opportunities to increase productivity, drive incremental business, and all without compromising on image quality.”


ILFORD OMNIJET NanoSolventTM Glossy Banner Vinyl
NanoSolventTM Glossy Banner Vinyl pro- vides a high quality, fire-retardant* banner that enables media to be used indoors or outdoors for up to two years without lamina- tion. The NanoSolventTM layer meets the highest demands for image quality and of- fers fast printing and drying speeds, enabling print service providers to laminate within 30 minutes and avoid ink transfer, therefore in- creasing productivity and output potential. NanoSolventTM Glossy Banner Vinyl is com- patible with eco-solvent and solvent printers.



ILFORD OMNIJET NanoSolventTM Glossy Backlit Vinyl
NanoSolventTM Glossy Backlit Vinyl is a premium quality, stretchable and fire-retardant* backlit display material suitable for both in- door and medium to long term outdoor applications. Ideal for day and night backlit displays and perfect for use with the latest metallic inksets, the gloss-finished media is compatible with solvent and eco-solvent inkjet printers.



With OMNIJET AquaBlockTM, ILFORD has leveraged its expertise in coating technologies to create a layer for aqueous inks, which is completely water-fast without any lamination. This groundbreaking product will deliver incremental business opportunities to the print service provider by offering a range of aqueous media dedicated to outdoor applications. The AquaBlockTM layer is completely water-fast and does not swell or dissolve in extreme weather conditions. The layer ensures fixation of the inkjet pigments at the surface of the print media, while retaining the premium photo quality associated with ILFORD products. This innovative new layer will feature on a range of ILFORD substrates to be launched in the coming months.

In addition to the recently announced solvent canvases, ILFORD have now also introduced two additional products to their solvent range.



OMNIJET Satin Blueback is a high-opacity, water resistant media for billboards and other poster advertising applications. The bright white satin media ensures minimal show through and has the strength to withstand the process of being pasted and left outdoors for short to medium use. Satin Blueback is compatible with eco-solvent and solvent printers.


Semi-Gloss Poster Paper
OMNIJET Semi-Gloss Poster Paper is ideal for indoor and short to medium term outdoor advertising. Water-resistant with a wipe-fast layer, this robust and easy to handle media is a cost-effective solution when fit for purpose image quality is required. The media is compatible with all good eco-solvent and solvent printers.
* From internal testing. Products have been submitted to B1 testing and results expected Sept 2013.



Founded in 1879, ILFORD is a leading player in the development and manufacture of consumables for both inkjet printing and colour photographic processes as well as other coated products. The worldwide businesses include R&D and manufacturing operations in Switzerland, with sales operations in the USA, Belgium and Japan. For more information on ILFORD, please visit

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