Freebies giveaway at Stand M37

Here are three very good reasons to visit Sign Update's stand at this year's exhibition. (Besides the fact that we love coming out from behind our computers to have a proper chat with as many of you as possible!)

We have teamed up with three companies that supply the sign and display industry, to give away some fantastic freebies. And an exhibition wouldn't be the same without freebies, although there are only so many pens and stress balls a person can own.

Internally threaded screw coversAluminium Satin wall-fixing supplied by FK MooreFK Moore will be giving away a sample of their 12mm dia wall fixings (product code WF1220SAL - see their advert for details), along with their internally threaded screw cap (F15SAT). They have recently reduced their prices dramatically and can offer these at a starting price of £1 each and 60p each respectively.

They will be distributed from the Sign Update stand, presented in a box, where a copy of their accompanying literature can also be requested by leaving contact details.

They say: "We pride ourselves for our superb quality and extensive range which we feel makes us unique in the current market."

They also stock these fittings in brass material, with either a polished brass, polished chrome or satin chrome finish.

All the wall fixings that they supply are usually readily available from their extensive stock and can be delivered on a next day service. This gives peace of mind for fitters/stockists alike. They also welcome all enquiries for bespoke items to customers' specification.


SignClip TF being shown attached to part of a pole.SignClip TF, Wyzrds are providing about 1,000 sample packs for distribution from the Sign Update stand (one per visitor) until they run out. These are for anyone producing twin flute or corrugated plastic signs, (brand names - "Correx" or "Twinplast" in the UK or "Coroplast", "IntePro", "Corriflute", "Corflute" and "Corriboard", overseas)

The sample pack contains two fronts and two backs, which is enough to put up a sign. It's a low cost disposable product, suitable for anyone doing temporary signage. You can press it through from the front with your thumbs because it is a self penetrating clip. Once the two points are through the twinwall plastic board, you just snap the backplate on and it's done!

The clip is designed to avoid the normal practice of boring a couple of holes through the twinflute boards with a screwdriver and using a cable tie, to strap it tightly to the pole. This primitive method usually distorts and tears the board and provides an unsatisfactory loose fixing for the sign. The SignClip successfully separates fixing from display. What are they worth? At just 20p a clip they come in bulk bags of 100 clips for £20 per bag.

Eurobond Surface Cleaning Wipes50 samples of 12ml penloc 2-part adhesive to be given away.Eurobond have given Sign Update 25 pots of their specialist Eurobond Surface Cleaning Wipes. These will be given to the first 25 people who reserve them by emailing us, then you can collect one at the exhibition.

These heavy duty cleaning wipes are ideally suited for cleaning all surfaces prior to bonding. Each 64gsm wipe is made of a special low lint material and impregnated with a blend of 70 per cent Isopropyl Alcohol and 30 per cent de-ionised water. The 'Flip Top' pot contains 100 wipes. Each pot is worth £8.74p plus vat.

Eurobond have also given us 50 sample cartridges of their 12ml Penloc® 2-part, high performance structural adhesive. This syringe can be used to bond most metals, plastics, glass, ceramic, composite, GRP, Dibond, Foamex and wood in any combination. Handling strength in five minutes. Working strength in one hour.They are worth £3.57p plus vat.

If you would like to pick up these products at the exhibition, you can do so by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To see these products visit


Eurobond Adhesives launch new “Sticky Strips”

New EuroBond Sticky Strips

The strips are removable and self-adhesive for easy use.

Sticky Strips are individual strips of foamed acrylic tape supplied on a roll that can be used to bond posters and signage to walls, bond exhibition graphic panels to booth walls, bond point of sale/point of purchase material in store, promotional signs to the tops of petrol pumps etc. 'Sticky Strips' will adhere to most metals, many plastics, painted plasterboard, glass and wood. They can be used on indoor surfaces and covered outdoor surfaces.

Each individual 'Sticky Strip' has a simple pull tab at one end which when pulled, elongates the adhesive peeling it away from the surface without any damage and without leaving any residue to the surface below.

Sticky Strips are clean and simple to use. For your free sample please call 01795 427 888 NOW!


Correct application of foamed acrylic tape: Expert advice

We discover why foamed acrylic tape can make your life easier.

The market for adhesive tapes is a well populated one, with a plethora of tapes to suit your needs. Choosing the best tape that would be effective for bonding substrates can be an issue which many sign makers can overlook, as there are many types of tapes, with different adhesive compounds.

Sign Update's new Editor, Ashwin Mehra spoke to Simon Dearing, Managing Director of Eurobond Adhesives who shares his expert advice on bonding and preparation techniques for foamed acrylic tapes.

Simon Dearing Managing Director of Eurobond Adhesives Ltd What tips do you have for surface cleaning substrates before applying adhesive tapes?

Firstly, it is important to establish the type of surface you intend to bond to i.e. glass, plastic, painted metals etc. Glass substrates should always be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and allowed to air dry. If practical gently warm the glass with an air gun for a few seconds to remove any surface moisture before applying acrylic tape. Powder coated or painted materials again should be cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to remove any surface grease or oils to prevent any contaminant being forced into the substrate material during the abrasion process. Then lightly abrade both surfaces to increase the surface area and clean again with IPA to remove any debris. Metals such as aluminium or mild steel may have protective plastic film coatings or light oil coatings. These need to be removed and the surfaces thoroughly cleaned prior to bonding.

How effective and economical are surface cleaner sachets and wipes compared to Isopropanol Alcohol (IPA) cleaning fluid?

With health and safety becoming more restrictive for many businesses, it is safer, more convenient and economical for businesses to use specially prepared cleaning wipes. Cleaning wipes packaged in sachets are fiddly and not really cost effective. However, by using wipes supplied in flip top tubs sign makers can build in the cost of a wipe to a particular process. Wipes will also improve quality control by ensuring fabricators use a controlled and standardised cleaning material that will not contaminate a surface by depositing lint or paper debris from dry cleaning cloths/tissues.

Why shouldn't sign makers use methylated spirits?

The use of methylated spirits and white spirits as cleaning agents is widespread throughout the industry. We have always recommended our customers NOT to use these liquids. These liquids leave a molecular trace on the surface which will act as an interlayer which interacts with the tape and causes it to degrade over time. Almost like clockwork you will see the bonded pieces start to fail at 90 days.

Eurobond’s low lint IPA impregnated industrial wipes and foamed acrylic tapes.

How do adhesive primers work?

Typically material surfaces can be classified as having low, medium or high surface energies. Low surface energy materials include plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, EVA and Teflon. These materials are very difficult to bond together and will require surface pre-treatment to change the surface energy to medium from high. This can be achieved in a number of ways: plasma treatment; Corona discharge; more commonly used method is the application of brush/spray-on surface primers. Primers are effectively volatile contact adhesives which when applied to a substrate, change its surface energy from low energy to either medium or high energy enabling tapes and liquid adhesives to bond to them much more readily.

What is the common reason why most foamed acrylic tapes fail?

    Failure is usually down to one of five reasons.
  • Lack of knowledge by the tape salesperson wrongly specifying a tape for a given application
  • Poor quality tapes
  • Insufficient tape applied to surface area to support a given weight
  • User error in selecting and applying the wrong tape for the given application
  • Contamination either by the user or by the environment in which it is to operate in. i.e. ice, snow, rain, oils, detergents, heat, etc

What would you recommend the removal of adhesive tape strips from difficult sub surfaces such as plastics, vinyl and exterior window glass?

Foamed acrylic tapes can be difficult to remove from some substrates. However, little tricks of the trade include elongating the tape which helps to remove it from the surface. Special scrapers and the use of IPA wipes will also assist in the removal of tape.

What products would you recommend that would aid users in bonding?

Eurobond Adhesives Ltd supply rubber rollers to help 'wet out' the tape as it is applied to the surface, ensuring that there are no void areas and that the tape adheres to every nook and cranny of the substrate, however small. We also supply special low lint, IPA impregnated surface cleaning wipes. And of course we have a dedicated range of high performance tapes and structural adhesives for just about every conceivable sign making application.


Eurobond launches range of high performance acrylic foam adhesive tapes

Eurobond foamed acrylic adhesive tape.Eurobond Adhesives Ltd has for over 26 years developed a reputation for supplying high performance adhesive products to thousands of UK businesses in many diverse sectors such as the sign industry, automotive manufacture, aerospace, white goods, medical and electronics industries.

In addition to our existing range of high performance Penloc structural adhesives, the company has announced the launch of its own range of high performance foamed acrylic adhesive tapes and a range of anti-slip tapes.

Simon Dearing, Eurobond's Managing Director explained, ''We are not box shifters like many adhesives companies. My applications engineers are some of the best in the industry, some with over 30 years experience in both adhesive tape and liquid adhesives bonding solutions in the Sign Industry. They can offer a wealth of expert advice and technical help to support any sign making application.

"Our range of foamed acrylic adhesive tapes dovetails our Penloc range of structural adhesives and Vitralit range of UV adhesives perfectly. We can now offer our customers a huge range of products to meet their needs. Our driving force and main aim is to ensure we offer our customers high quality products backed up with expert advice and technical support.

"In today's very turbulent economic climate it is important to know and be reassured that your suppliers can deliver on time, every time. Delays in completing a job and being supplied with poor quality products can often cost you more than just money. More often than not it's your reputation, integrity and repeat orders that are lost. We at Eurobond Adhesives have a next day delivery service as standard."

To find out more about how Eurobond's, adhesives and adhesive tapes can help you, please telephone 01795 427888 or visit the website

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