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May/June 2015 - issue 157

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3D Sign and Display Maker

3D Sign and Display Maker, PEP Ltd fabricate high quality 3D signage and displays for major high street brands. We are looking for an all-rounder, with experience of acrylic fabrication, basic joinery, vinyl application and operating workshop tools and machinery.

All though not essential, experience of CNC routing, spray painting, basic LED/electrical assembly, Corel Draw and Illustrator software would be advantageous.

Applicants must have a driving license and be fairly local to St Albans. Salary commensurate with experience. Have a look at the work we do at www.pepretail.co.uk

If you are interested in this position please send your CV and covering email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Tekcel announce launch of new GP Cutters

Tekcel Router showing the cutting head.

Tekcel CNC Solutions, leaders in the manufacture and supply of CNC routing and cutting systems, has recently announced the addition of the GP (General Purpose) range of single flute cutters to the extensive portfolio of cutters, tooling and accessories it offers to CNC router owners.

The new range of GP single flute cutters have been developed in conjunction with one of the world's finest tool manufacturers to offer router operators a versatile, cost effective set of cutters for everyday use across a wide range of sheet materials, including acrylics, plastics and aluminium composites.

Available in the ever popular 3mm, 4mm and 6mm diameter formats, the new GP cutters feature a standard 6mm shank that contributes to the overall rigidity of the tool. This makes the GP range both hard wearing and very convenient to use, particularly for operators of manual tool change systems as the same 6mm collet can be used across the range. Tekcel claims that CNC router operators already using GP cutters are equally impressed by the cutting performance and low prices.

In addition to offering substantial savings for quantity purchases and regular special promotions, Tekcel also offers it's tooling customers a range of further benefits including discounts on accessories, parts and technical support.

Companies wishing to receive more information on the range of cutters, tooling and accessories can telephone Tekcel CNC Solutions on 01275 342 668, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.tekcelcnc.co.uk


New Tekcel cutters deliver a polished performance

Tekcel High Performance Tools brochure coverTekcel CNC Solutions, leaders in the manufacture and supply of CNC routing and cutting systems, has recently announced the availability of its 2011 Guide to Router Tooling and Accessories.

New products featured for 2011 include an exciting new range of single flute cutters that, Tekcel claims, deliver ground-breaking cutting performance and tool life cycles. The direct result of a long period of research and development, involving Tekcel and one of the world's finest tool manufacturers, Tekcel CP and CP-Al cutters have been designed specifically to produce an incredible edge finish across a wide range of sheet materials used in the sign industry. In fact, customers already using the new range say that the CP and CP-Al cutters produce a edge finish that they would normally associate with parts that have undergone the additional time and expense of a secondary polishing process.

Tekcel's new, easy to use, tooling and accessories guide offers owners of any make of CNC router a simple path to choosing the right tool for every CNC application. According to Tekcel, every product in its tooling range has been carefully researched, manufactured and tested to ensure that they deliver the optimum combination of exacting performance and long service life.

Marketing Director, Huw Davies, went on to say, "Based on our own broad experience of CNC routing spanning many years, and the feedback from our customers across many different industries, we built up an unbeatable range of tooling that can deliver a fast and cost effective response to any CNC application that comes through the door".

In addition to offering substantial savings for quantity purchases and regular special promotions, Tekcel also offers its tooling customers a range of further benefits including discounts on accessories, parts and technical support.

Companies wishing to receive the 2011 Guide to Router Tooling and Accessories can telephone Tekcel CNC Solutions on 01275 342 668 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Powerful performance enhancements for AXYZ routers

AXYZ router featuring both the ATC and ICS (Intelligent Cutting System) machining options which is now available with the new A2MC controller as standard.A close up view of the A2MC controller.

Leading supplier of CNC routing and engraving solutions, AXYZ International has added two powerful machining enhancements to the range of routers available under its AXYZ and Pacer power brands. The next generation A2MC machine controller is now available as a standard feature on all AXYZ International routers, with the ATC (Automatic Tool Change) facility supplied as an optional machine accessory.

The A2MC controller is said to offer the highest possible control capabilities by comparison with any similarly positioned machining solution. It delivers much faster and smoother motion based on S-Curve (Seven Segment Velocity) trajectories, leading to a significant reduction in 'bounce' and vibration caused by sudden acceleration or deceleration that is often found in other control systems. The controller is also fully NC code-compatible and will therefore work with all popular CAD/CAM packages.

One of the most important features of the new controller is its ability to accommodate a much broader range of machining options through the addition of a host of peripheral devices. Since the controller is network-based, it will connect to AXYZ router owners existing networks for program transfer and for Internet connection to access software updates and so forth. The router also incorporates a MODBUS network that enables connectivity with a virtually limitless range of devices, the ATC (Automatic Tool Change) and ICS (Intelligent Cutting System) camera registration system being good examples of these. Other devices include tangential and oscillating knives, drill heads, automatic vacuum switching and twin or triple cutting heads.

For existing AXYZ router owners, the learning curve for machine operators is minimised as the latest A2MC controller functions in a similar manner to the existing AMC controller. This allows a natural progression for existing customers who want upgrades or new machines. Furthermore, with this latest controller there are no limits to the size and complexity of the jobs that can be processed. Tests on three-dimensional surfacing files in excess of 80MB have been carried out with no operational issues experienced.

The A2MC is safely enclosed in the UL-certified (the trusted global source for product safety accreditation and compliance) machine control cabinet along with other electrical components and securely mounted on the machine frame beyond the production zone. This helps conserve valuable workspace that would otherwise be taken up by a stand-alone control cabinet.

The complementary AXYZ ATC facility has now been upgraded to allow a choice of either 7 or 21 different stations to better accommodate jobs that require multiple automatic tooling functions. Both this facility and the new A2MC controller will radically extend the capabilities of all AXYZ routers used in multiple sign making and digital printing applications involving a wide range of materials.

For further information, visit the website www.axyz.co.uk or telephone 0115 988 7777.


Next Generation Signs installs 'next generation' Tekcel router

Karl Martindale, Next Generation Signs, and Julian Sage, Tekcel CNC Solutions alongside the newly installed Tekcel EXR router.One of the country's leading sign companies, Next Generation Signs, has installed the very latest in CNC routing technology from Tekcel CNC Solutions to complement its recent investment in a state of the art flatbed UV inkjet printer from Vutek.

Based in Liverpool and operating from 10,000 sq. ft. of purpose built, fully equipped premises, Next Generation Signs supply businesses, both trade and commercial, across the entire UK, with a huge range of high quality sign and display products. With experience of designing, manufacturing and installing signs and displays over the past 20 years to call upon, the company prides itself on offering its customers the widest choice of premium products and services at extremely competitive prices. According to Next Generation Signs' owners, Glen Titherington and Karl Martindale, to achieve the very high standards they set for their company requires a willingness to invest wisely in the right staff and the latest sign manufacturing technology.

Karl Martindale, Next Generation Signs comments: "Our customers are constantly looking for bigger, better or more affordable ways of getting their message across. We see it as our job to provide innovative solutions to these problems. Employing advanced production technology like the Tekcel CNC router and the Vutek UV inkjet printer enables us to do just that."

No strangers to the world of CNC routers, having had one in the business for the past two decades, Glen and Karl knew what to look for in a new machine and found it in the recently launched EXR model from Tekcel CNC Solutions. Knowing how important the drive technology of a router is to the overall accuracy of the system, particularly in a large format bed size exceeding 3m x 2m, they were impressed to learn that all Tekcel routers feature class leading, ballscrew servo drive systems on every axis - similar to the drive technology used to machine parts for aircraft where pinpoint accuracy and repeatability is critical. The EXR also features a unique, fully automated, multi tool change system that combines a choice of up to 17 tools with a powerful 7.5Kw spindle motor. Equally impressive is the incredible hold down force delivered by the Tekcel vacuum bed - another essential component for fast and efficient routing.

Julian Sage, Tekcel CNC Solutions states: "The attributes that so impressed Next Generation Signs, along with additional options and features that include integrated system automation tool and print registration systems, make the Tekcel EXR model the most productive CNC router in the sign industry today."

Next Generation Signs LogoWith such a potent mix of production technology and experience to offer, the services of Next Generation Signs are in high demand, however, the company will warmly welcome any new enquires and is happy to offer free advice on the latest sign formats and materials currently available.

For further information on Next Generation Signs Tel: 05600 757458 or for further product information from Tekcel CNC Solutions Tel: 0844 800 5045.


Tekcel Router: Ace Signs Group invests in new Tekcel router

AceSigns Premises Ace Signs Group (ASG), one of the UK’s leading sign and display companies, has expanded its production capacity even further with the addition of a new Tekcel 3m x 2m router to the CNC routing department at its Head Quarters in Basildon, Essex.

Managing major sign projects for national and international brands from the automotive, corporate, financial, leisure and retail sectors, ASG has a proven track record of delivering innovative signing solutions on time within budget. Key to this success has been ASG’s ability to identify the production technologies that build quality in and take cost out of the manufacturing process.

Tekcel Router in use by operator at Ace SignsAccording to Mick Baker, ASG’s Technology Manager, the recent installation of a Tekcel 3m x 2m router, complete with 18 capacity Auto Tool Change (ATC), Auto Tool Length Sensing (ATLS) and Auto Material Registration (AMR) is definitely living up to its reputation as a heavy duty, high production system.

"Our operators love the new router, in fact, its speed, accuracy and quality of cut has impressed everyone here at ASG. Replacing our old router with the Tekcel ATC system has slashed machining times by as much as 50%, particularly on jobs involving clean outs and inlays. The router power we now have on tap lets us cut in far fewer passes on thicker materials and that’s saving us even more time."

To create space for the installation of the new Tekcel router, Tekcel engineers were asked to dismantle one of ASG’s old Gerber routers and re-commission it at ASG’s second manufacturing site in Warwickshire. The installation of the Tekcel router and relocation of the old router was completed in just two days. All part of the service as Tekcel’s Julian Sage explained.

"We work hard to provide a comprehensive CNC router solution for our customers, whatever their individual system requirements may be. In this case, it was no problem for Tekcel to deal with the relocation and reinstatement of ASG’s old Gerber router. Our engineers can call upon a very broad range of skills and cnc router experience."

To minimise any disruption to production at ASG, full software, hardware and general maintenance training was completed onsite, a service that Tekcel provides at no additional cost.

Tekcel Router 3mx2m.Mick Baker concludes: "Thanks to the quality of the training and the user friendly nature of the new Tekcel router itself, our operators were contributing to the general throughput of sign work in the business from day one."

The new Tekcel router is now very much at the heart of CNC production at ASG, producing everything from lettering and fascias in acrylic and stainless steel to folded sign trays in aluminium and ACM.

For further information contact Tekcel CNC Solutions on 01275 342 668 or Ace Signs Group on 01268 706 800.


Aspire - A new dimension in 3D CNC routing & engraving

Aspire - Screen shot Specialist CNC Routing and Engraving software developer Vectric Ltd, the creators of VCarve Pro, PhotoVCarve, Cut3D & Cut2D, are very pleased to announce the launch of Aspire, a totally new CNC Software for Dimensional Sign Making, Engraving and Wood Carving.

Aspire is the easiest way to convert 2D drawings and designs into high quality 3D relief and CNC toolpaths. Aspire's new 3D component construction tools make it quick and easy to create your own 3D shapes from drawings and sketches and to work with existing 3D CAD and Clipart models.

Aspire is perfect for designing and machining 3D projects such as 3D signs, bespoke company logos, carved decorative panels and doors, swept flourishes and appliqués, custom millwork, architectural mouldings, jewellery pieces, custom gifts and awards. Plus many more 3D CNC machined applications.

Based on the world class VCarve Pro design and toolpath engine Aspire uses the same logical and easy-to-use interface, that makes it quick and easy to convert 2D sketches, photographs, drawings and graphic designs into high quality 3D products.

The new interactive modelling engine makes it very easy to build, resize, move and rotate 3D elements in a design at any time, plus change the material properties to create realistic 3D previews.

The powerful 3D Sculpting and Blending tools provide total flexibility when modifying designs. Models can be manipulated like a piece of virtual clay to smooth out edges and discontinuities, as well as to add extra detail, all helping to create that authentic 'hand carved' look for your models. Interactively modify 3D designs using the sculpting tools with control over brush size and strength, plus options to Smooth, Smudge Deposit, Remove, Erase with options to raise, lower or blend the changes.

Example of a sign made with Aspire

Vectric understand the importance of high quality training materials and the Aspire installation DVD includes over 6 hours of real world project based video tutorials, covering all aspects of using the program.

The videos are accompanied by the files used in the tutorials and PDF documents to allow users to work through the training materials at their own pace.

Aspire is supplied with 50 Free high quality professionally designed 3D clipart models from the Vector Art 3D collection, that would cost over £650 if purchased separately. Aspire also imports industry standard 3D mesh files from other CAD software such as: Rhino, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Silo, MOI etc. STL, 3D DXF, OBJ, 3Ds, VRML and these can be combined with other shapes and models to produce high quality projects.

Aspire's fast and efficient 3D roughing toolpaths remove unwanted stock material as quickly as possible, with cutting strategy options for Z Level or 3D Raster cutting. 3D Finish cutting toolpath options in Aspire ensure each job is cut exactly to size with control over the surface quality and general cutting parameters. Detailed regions on a design can be machined selectively using smaller cutters to ensure the finest of detail on a 3D project is accurately machined.

Aspire instantly converts Image files and photographs: colour and black and white image files - BMP, JPG, TIF, GIF into stunning 3D surface textures, that can be applied to 3D models and machined.

All of the precision drawing, layout and CNC production machining tools developed for VCarve Pro is included, making it easy to design and machine complete projects in a single software package.

Aspire Logo

Visit the Vectric web site - www.vectric.com - and download the Free Trial version of Aspire and see for yourself how quickly 3D signage can be designed using the software. Aspire is being launched at the Introductory price of $995 until the end of January 2009.

For more details about purchasing or upgrading to Aspire please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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