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Latest range from Insight Sign Systems

A deep wall fixing plate The MK5 showning how it distributes the light quietlittle The 'light of experience'

headnervous check Richard W Rinn from summerdrugs Insight Sign Systems tells us about their latest range:

fourmemory there " faultmessage Highlight Mk5 is the latest incarnation of the first ever made to measure extrudedfreshgreat aluminium trough lighting system, dating back to 1981, with the fabricated aluminium precursor dating back to 1975.

doeswarm view This latest version was developed with the main objective being to make it the most efficient form of sign illumination available, due to the relentless quest by many for greener illumination. Insight is proud to have achieved this with Highlight Mk5, and can offer three variations of brightness and economy to satisfy most requirements. With the most economical version, startsdown see Ecobright, the objective has been achieved, providing 1040 lm/m while consuming just 8.2W per metre. This is thanks to the efficacy of the Lumirescent LED strip achieving 127 lm/W. If you want the ultimate brightness, companyfresh link Hyperbright provides 2020 lm/m, consuming 16.8W per metre, with the same efficacy as Ecobright.

groansparty Highlight Mk5 offers reasononly perfect illumination across the entire width of any sign or fascia due to having 126 LEDs per metre, so no shadows caused by spaced out LEDs. Mk5's unique profile shape incorporates a reflector area to direct the light down the sign face without the requirement to tilt or angle the light. This eliminates the reflection of the light source caused when lights are tilted inwards to the sign face. The profile shape also masks the light source from the front, to avoid dazzle. hopemaking Ease of installation of any product is very important, and has always been one of Highlight's strong points. The clip on fit fixing brackets which have provided trouble-free service for around 25 years have been retained. But the channel has been modernised now, with provision for the mains feed cable to pass through. A new horizontal fixing plate is optionally available, with three fixing holes for rigidity (two fixings side by side are not recommended for any external light with wind loading).

yearscannot Trough lighting has some unique benefits. If you compare against a back-lit box for example, a box 6 x 2 m would these days more than likely be fitted with LEDs to reduce consumption and cut Co2 emissions. But when you consider that would require seven rows of LEDs compared to Highlight Mk5 using only one, that has got to be a very important consideration. Highlight Mk5 is also going to be much easier to transport and install than a bulky, heavy sign box. Sign panels never require removal for maintenance, and front lighting brings out the true colours of the complete sign face.

moveshare see Like all products, eventually competitors will match or better the specification of Highlight Mk5. But as we are already testing the next Lumirescent LED strip, which offers even higher efficacy and brightness coupled with the testing of 3M light enhancement film, we are confident in continuing to lead the way."



Inca Digital launches new flatbed printer

howeverbooks makemission model of the Inca Onset R40LT flatbed printerInca Digital has launched the mightknock there Inca Onset R40LT wide-format, flatbed UV printer. Since the initial Onset launch in 2007, this range of printers have 'set the benchmark' in print quality through their use of a full-width array of printheads, eliminating banding. With the launch of the new Onset R40LT Inca makes this 'high level' of print quality available to companies looking to invest in a standard mid-range machine. neckstreet The Onset R40LT’s ability to develop from a four-colour, 265 sqm/hr device up to an eight-colour fully specified device in the field gives users a highly flexible printer that can grow with their business, whilst protecting their investment for the long-term, according to the company. Inca says the Onset R40LT is a more future-proof and accessible option for companies considering a standard mid-range digital flatbed machine, as it is a full-width array printer that guarantees high quality results with no banding at higher throughput speeds than scanning head technology. dangerwaste The Onset R40LT model can start as a manual 3.14 x 1.6m (123.6in x 63in) full-width array flatbed printer in a choice of four, five or six colours and is capable of 265 sqm/hr print speeds on substrates up to 50mm (2in) thick. The new printer has all the intelligent design features of the existing Onset R40i, including 14 picolitre Fujifilm Dimatix Spectra printheads, a 15-zone vacuum table, a UV sensor system and mechanical substrate height detectors, all of which 'maintain productivity, quality and reliability'. alongfavor “By investing in the new Onset R40LT, companies can now join the Onset ‘family’ with the confidence that the printer can keep pace with their business growth or changing production requirements and save them money in the long run,” says Heather Kendle, Inca Digital’s Director of Marketing and Product Management.
“Many firms buying a standard mid-range printer will – as their business grows - have to consider replacing it or buying a second machine. But with the affordable Onset R40LT you can increase your throughput and/or quality at considerably less cost and inconvenience.”


HP Latex Mobile application

handlesmart watch three mobile phones displaying appHP recently made its HP Latex Mobile application available to download worldwide. Unveiled four months ago at the SGIA show, the new large-format printing mobile app offers remote monitoring of HP Latex 310, 330 and 360 Printers, such as job information, print status and alerts.

With the HP Latex Mobile app, Print Service Providers (PSPs) can stay informed about the status of print jobs from anywhere in or out of the office and can track projects through completion, as well as monitor print status and supplies to 'avoid surprises'.

“PSPs have shown significant interest in the HP Latex Mobile app,” said Xavier Garcia, vice president and general manager, Large-Format Sign and Display Division, HP. “Remote monitoring of many aspects of business is now commonplace, so it’s natural to extend this flexibility to print jobs. The HP Latex Mobile app is a significant step forward in aligning printing operations with today’s business lifestyles.”

PSPs such as PressOn in the UK and Sprintout Digitaldruck GmbH in Germany are already using the HP Latex Mobile app. “The app is really great! If a customer calls for a last minute job I can give a fast answer because I know which material is on the printer at any time,” said Haldun Küp, chief technology officer, Sprintout Digitaldruck GmbH.

The HP Latex Mobile app is available for download for free from Google Play and the Apple App store. A version of the app designed for tablets will be available in mid-2015.


New LED strips that flex and bend

strip of halo led bent around lit built up letter

HaloLEDs are launching a new product that they say may be unique in the UK. It is a flexible strip of 2835 SMD LEDs that has been produced in a certain way so it can bend in both directions. This makes it ideal for small built up letters with narrow stokes. These come in a 2mtr roll, are 12v and available in pure white. They are also for indoor use only, the outdoor version will be arriving soon.

The new flexible/bendable LED strips are a 'new and innovative' product that fixes a common problem in small to medium built up letters. All too often you get a spotting effect caused by light output from the modules every 80mm or so. Now using the bendable strips you can fit a continuous line of LEDs from along the whole centre line by gently bending the LEDs left and right achieving a 'beautifully illuminated' letter. With a good strong adhesive to the rear you can just peel and stick. Also as these are closer to the backing material than a module you also get a more consistent and even side illumination.

These LED strips are available as indoor only at the moment with waterproof strips available soon. Packaged in a handy 2mtr roll they are 12v, pure white and use 6 watts per metre. They will be offering demo rolls at one per customer at a special rate.


ChalkMate PVC film

Text on chalkmate film in cafe

Drytac Europe recently announced the availability of ChalkMate™ 5 mil durable PVC film.

'Ideal' for restaurants and bars, office use, promotional applications and more, ChalkMate offers a traditional chalkboard finish that can be used with both standard chalk and liquid chalk markers. It can be cut into custom shapes and designs to create a unique chalkboard to meet almost any requirement.

Designed to be installed on most smooth surfaces, ChalkMate is available as either a black or a green film backed with a permanent, water-based, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. For optimised customisation, the film can also be printed on using most brands of UV printer.

Steve Broad, Sales Director for Drytac Europe, said: “ChalkMate is a great addition to our product portfolio. It is ideal for any individual or business wanting to quickly and simply install a lightweight chalkboard solution. It can be affixed to walls, cupboards, doors, advertising boards and virtually any other smooth surface you can think of.

“It also offers print service providers a potential new revenue stream by enabling them to quickly and cost-effectively create and deliver bespoke chalkboards for their end user customers.”


New Canon Océ ColorWave printers for wide format graphic art applications

Model of the ColorWave 700 printerCanon has launched two new high performance wide format colour systems which are set to make their UK debut in March. The two new models come as both printer only and multi-functional; the Océ ColorWave 500 dedicated to work groups and the Océ ColorWave 700, designed for wider graphic arts applications.

The printers are designed to enable a wide range of high quality applications, supporting businesses that need instant dry and water resistant prints on roll-based media. Both printers utilise the latest version of Océ CrystalPoint technology for high speed toner printing with 'excellent' adhesion to standard and speciality substrates, a higher print quality and clean refilling.

The Océ ColorWave 500 is designed to support CAD, GIS and production applications in the manufacturing, architecture, construction, design and reprographics industries. The system comes with secure cloud connectivity and Windows 8 embedded controller.There is also an option for removable dual hard drives, for added data security.

The Océ ColorWave 700 caters for businesses requiring a higher print volume, such as reprographics, sign and display print providers, and in-house printing applications in industries such as retail, hospitality, POS, education and government. The 700 supports media up to 0.8 mm of thickness that makes it suitable for a uniquely large range of graphics such as canvas, wallpaper and banner printing.

Both printers feature cloud integration, multiple user support, secure workflow and an optional built-in scanner. Up to six different rolls of media can be loaded at one time, making the printer able to handle many different jobs. Dual hard drives and fast processors speed up file processing, and automatic media sensing and imaging device maintenance increase print quality and reduce the need for servicing.


Canon Europe launches new five colour large format printers

model of the imagePROGRAF printerCanon have two new imagePROGRAF printers aimed at 'supporting print businesses and in-house print rooms needing efficient and easy-to-use CAD and display graphics solutions'.

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF670 (24” / 610mm) and Canon imagePROGRAF iPF770 (36” / 914mm) both feature 'faster print speeds, improved ink management and faster, more reliable image processing'. Both models can now print an A1 equivalent image in 28 seconds in the fastest print mode. While HP-GL/2 and HP-RTL support allows for more 'flexible and reliable CAD file handling'. The iPF770 is also available as an MFP, with an optional large format scanner and 22” touch screen display attachment.

New inks allow for an increased colour gamut specifically intended to print more vivid reds for clarity in CAD drawings and indoor point-of-sale signage. Two black pigment ink tanks supplement the standard dye inks for richer, sharper blacks, while making it easier to mark-up CAD artwork without smearing the print. The ink tanks are hot-swappable, and can be replenished mid-print without wasting either ink or paper.

Other new features allow for an 'improved' workflow before and after printing. Accounting software makes it 'easier for small businesses to manage costs and margins'. A print utility for Apple iPad enables mobile users to view and print files straight from their mobile devices, which Canon says is particularly suited for construction sites and other architecture scenarios. Finally, a new stand design allows for easy switching between a basket or flat-stacking print output.

“Canon’s imagePROGRAF range is known all over the world for its quality and reliability,” said Yuichi Miyano, Director, Wide Format Printing Group, Canon Europe.
“We have listened to our customers to understand their needs as businesses, and invested the imagePROGRAF range to support those needs. As a result, the imagePROGRAF iPF670 and iPF770 are designed to be the perfect large format printers for growing businesses with a need for standard volume CAD or indoor point-of-sale printing. With easy maintenance, versatile file handling and comprehensive workflow compatibility, they’re ideal for print service providers or in-house print rooms in architecture, construction and engineering firms.”
Both models were available to order from February


New edge bevelling machine for processing plastic sheet

Model of the diamond edge bevellerAwltech PFE, who supply flame polishing, heat bending and edge bevelling solutions to the sign and display and plastics fabrication industries, has introduced its latest Diamond Edge Beveller. It will be demonstrated for the first time at the forthcoming Sign & Digital UK exhibition.

With overall dimensions (LxWxH) of 640 x 450 x 500mm and 65Kg weight, it is a compact machine that will fit comfortably into any production environment, according to the company. One of the key attributes of the Diamond Edge Beveller is the speed with which it can be programmed and operated by comparison with similar diamond edge bevellers. These invariably require some time to set up and run, whereas the Awltech solution takes only a matter of seconds. This 'greatly enhances productivity levels whilst reducing machine downtime'.

The Diamond Edge Beveller produces a clean and polished edge finish to plastic sheet up to a thickness of 100mm, with the bevelled edges adjustable up to 10mm. It can also be equipped with a speed-adjustable feed motor to convey and press the plastic sheet in equal proportions, with the spindle motor adjustable from 0 to 12,000RPM. A mobile base frame enables the machine to be set at the desired working height for ease of operation and to enhance operator safety and comfort.


New, glossy metal effect film in copper

copper coloured film stuck on glass doorThe design trend for copper has been taking over the world of interior decoration for some time now, according to ASLAN. The metallic sets 'warm accents, adds elegant details and in addition to being timeless, it is absolutely on trend'. Whether it is incorporated as a main design element or just as an accent, the copper look creates 'depth and a refined look'.

ASLAN has expanded its metal effect films MetalEffect ASLAN CA 23 with another product; next to the existing self-adhesive film in brushed copper, a glossy copper shade completes the range. The copper film is suitable for exclusive writings and decorations on shop windows; mirrors and dividers; as well as the stylish design of lampshades and pieces of furniture.

The new, glossy film 'impresses with its homogenous appearance'. Applied onto an even surface, the film is completely smooth with a mirror-like effect. Thanks to the same glossy effect on both sides, the film guarantees a 'glamorous' look even when it is applied onto glass. With a thickness of 50 µm it is especially easy to handle. Their extensive range of self-adhesive metal effect films offers various other effects and colours.


Self-adhesive colour films with increased transparency

A tunnel lit with coloured glass filmA new and 'improved' adhesive enhances the quality of the transparent colour films GlassColour ASLAN CT 113. The self-adhesive films show a much higher transparency and thus 'guarantees a clear appearance when applied'.

The application of the transparent colour films allows 'stunning' effects on glass surfaces, which are part of almost any modern interior and architecture. Colourful and creatively designed glass facades, conference rooms or shop windows can be easily created, without 'limiting the view or the multitude of possible designs'.

The attractive colour palette offers a range of 25 shades. By applying the colour films on top of each other, a countless number of further colour shades can be created. Backlit and on white as well as reflective surfaces the colours appear especially brilliant. Thanks to its remarkable new quality, the film can also be applied wet. Our new video on the GlassColour ASLAN CT 113 gives tips on a correct application and presents the new quality of the colour film.

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