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Roland DG (UK) Academy and Creative Centre Manager, Joe Wigzell writes on just how Roland DG academy are paving the way for sign makers, while increasing their skill sets and how they benefit the industry as a whole.

The Roland Academy is about more than just product training, it is about mastering wide format technology in order to grow your business. The Academy plays host to a range of courses aimed at giving students (Roland's customers, sign makers and printers) - with varying levels of experience and expertise, the skills and confidence needed to get the most out of their creative software and wide-format printers, so they can get ahead of the competition and ultimately maximise their ROI.

Faster, better, stronger

Once the basics have been mastered, attention is turned to fine tuning the operation of both software and hardware to bring about further improvements in efficiency, and help quicken turnaround to add more to the bottom line. Many signmakers forget that it is not just material costs that affect profitability.

By working faster and more efficiently through software shortcuts and variable data techniques, best practice in colour management and machine maintenance that make up part of the Intermediate Digital Print course, they can make even greater gains in terms of profitability.

Early learning

To begin with, this means getting the basics right in order to achieve repeatable high quality and win repeat business. In this challenging economic climate and increasingly competitive market it is essential that top quality is produced every single time. Wide format inkjet printers are precise pieces of machinery and the inside knowledge imparted on delegates attending the Basic Application and Finishing course for example, will help to improve their understanding of the elements that contribute to producing outstanding quality with minimum wastage, profitably.

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More inspiration, less perspiration

Wide format inkjet technology is so versatile that this sector is fast becoming recognised as the most innovative in the entire print industry. And the Academy is designed to help unlock the full potential of Roland machines and turn the old adage on its head - if you truly understand what you're working with, success in wide-format print can be 90 per cent inspiration and 10 per cent perspiration.

Not only are Roland's trainers all heavily experienced graphics professionals but attendees often take just as much inspiration from hearing what fellow delegates are applying their printing equipment to.

You really never know what might plant the seed of inspiration that grows into the latest profitable business venture. And, with print buyers themselves getting savvier and pushing sign makers to come up with ever more creative applications, being familiar enough with printing technology to confidently break the boundaries is one way to secure future growth and strengthen customer relationships.

Aspire to go higher and higher

With wide format inkjet being so versatile, opportunities for profit beyond traditional display graphics have caught the eye of many entrepreneurial signmakers. Vehicle wrapping is one of these and, while the printing technology is the same, it is a specialist area where profit depends upon speed and expertise founded on best practice and sound understanding of the materials involved. Nevertheless, it is readily achievable for all signmakers, as the basic skill sets are already in place.

The Roland Academy's Vehicle Wrapping Course was developed in response to high interest from sign makers who understood how lucrative vehicle wrapping could be for their business and were concerned with the number of requests they were being forced to refer to others. Adding this vehicle wrapping service to a sign maker's portfolio requires no significant investment in new kit - the skills taught on this course are all they need.

Roland believes that raising the skill sets of its users is of great benefit to the industry as whole. Training helps to safe guard the industry's reputation as quality driven and reliable, yet highly creative and vibrant, while ensuring that having made their investment sign makers are in the best possible position to make a return. It doesn't matter whether that is through learning more efficient ways to achieve the same great results or inspiring them to ever more creative heights.

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