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Advertising deadlines

  Features copy Copy & booking Advert artwork Publication
Jan (2015) 17 Nov 1 Dec 8 Dec 2 Jan
Feb 31 Dec 13 Jan 20 Jan 6 Feb
March - UK Sign & Digital 6 Feb 20 Feb 27 Feb 18 Mar
May-Jun 31 Mar 14 Apr 21 Apr 11 May
Jul-Aug 25 May 8 June 15 June 2 July
Sept-Oct 23 Jul 6 Aug 13 Aug 2 Sept
Nov-Dec 23 Sept 7 Oct 14 Oct 2 Nov
Jan-Feb (2016) 19 Nov 3 Dec 10 Dec 4 Jan

These dates can be imported into outlook or Mozilla thunderbird with the following file:



The features list for 2015 is as follows:

2015 Features
Jan Software
Feb Soft Signage
Fixtures and fittings
Exhibition Sign & Digital UK preview
Sheet Materials
May-Jun Digital Printers
Digital Signage

Chapter 8 - Reflective solutions
Lighting (Focus on Neon)

Sept-Oct Education and Training
Routing & Engraving

Built up lettering
Digital Printable Media
Traditional Signwriting

Jan-Feb Inks

If you need a graphic designer, we have arranged an hourly rate of £35 per hour instead of his usual £45 per hour for our advertisers, using Tony Hinchliffe at www.hinchliffeart.co.uk



  Buyers Guide section:
£130 for a full year in our magazine (7 issues) and £65 for any additional headings. This includes a year on our website with a link back to your website which should help your website gain Google page rank:
For further information click on the link below:

  Website banner advertising:
£60 + VAT per month to be included on a banner that appears at the bottom of every page.
We intend to have up to 4 banners rotating in this one position. The size of which can be up to 750 by 150 pixels in size

Google analytics data is below so that you can see the number of visits from a reliable source:

Sign Update Google analytics:

1 Months - 28th Oct to 27 Nov 2013

6 Months - 28th May to 27 Nov 2013

Sign Link Google analytics for comparison:

1 Months - 28th Oct to 27 Nov 2013

6 Months - 28th May to 27 Nov 2013

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