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Want to Advertise in the Buyers Guide?

Why advertise in the Buyers Guide?

1) You get a text advert in the Magazine in the BUYERS GUIDE section, which is printed in about 8,300 copies each issue of the magazine, for 6 issues (1 year)
2) You get an on-line searchable advert with your logo attached for 1 year.
3) You get a link back to your website. Google considers the number of links back to your website as important criteria for determining your ranking in the Search Engine.

The first advert is £130 per year! To go under any additional heading costs an extra £65 each.

The Buyers Guide is one area that the sign-making industry use extensively. We make it very good value to advertisers, as it only works if there is a comprehensive representation of the industry. This is printed in the last 15 pages of the magazine.

Unlike most annual directories which are printed once a year and quickly become out of date, an annual advert with us is printed bi-monthly, and can be updated at any time, and appear immediately with amendments on our website.

Submitting the advert:

There are 2 ways to submit an advert: online or send us details via e-mail.

1. Send an e-mail with the details:

This needs to contain the following information:

Headings to be under (go online to see the headings available):

Company Name:






Description (maximum 40 words):

Attach an image of your logo.

2. Online:

To submit online you will need to log on, go to the Buyers Guide Tab. Then click on "Add Entry".

You will then have to fill out the fields. A description of the less obvious fields are explained below:

Field Description
website Of form www.domain.co.uk - Check this link works after entry.
Description Please keep this brief - full details should be available at your website.
Web description:

The magazine is limited to how much we can print. This field is unlimited and can include images and formatting.

Logo Image to display when you user has drilled down into your details.
Icon Smaller image to be seen before drilling into your details.
Meta Keywords These are used to search within the website and also by search engines, so choose about 5 keywords seperated by commas, e.g. Acrylic, sheet, plastic, PETG, adhesives

Meta Description

Enter a brief description for search engine use and internal searches.
Category Choose your category and then click on the arrow buttons to include this.

Once submitted, we will receive an email and publish this to be included on the web-site immediately, and should appear in every issue of Sign Update Magazine for 1 year (6 issues).

We will then send you an invoice once this is on-line.

An example of the first page of the Buyers Guide:

Buyers Guide Example.JPG
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